hamlet revenge plot

characters involved in revenge plot hamletghost ClaudiusGertrudelaertes horatio
horatio, marcellus and barnardo see the ghost but refuses to speak to them ‘majesty of buried Denmark did sometimes march? by heaven, i charge thee speak’ 1.1
hamlet speaks to the ghost for the first time after horatio tells him of seeing his fathers spirit ‘being a thing immortal as itself? it waves me forth again. i’ll follow it’ 1.4
ghost reveals to hamlet that he is his father and claudius killed him and that he wants for hamlet to avenge his death ‘revenge his foul and most unnatural murder’ 1.5
hamlet decides how he is going to make sure the ghost isnt a demon trying to trap him ‘the play’s the thing, wherein i’ll catch the conscience of the king’ 2.2
hamlet puts on the play ‘the murder of gonzago’ and claudius’ reaction proves his guilt ‘o good horatio, i’ll take the ghost’s word for a thousand pound. didst perceive?’ 3.2
hamlet decides to take his revenge but sees claudius praying so decides not to take revenge right then as claudius would go to heaven ‘fit and season’d for his passage’ 3.3
hamlet mistakes polonius behind a curtain for claudius and stabs him instead ‘how now! a rat! dead for a ducat, dead!’ 3.4
ghost reappears to make sure hamlet will get his revenge (note that this time around only hamlet can see the ghost whereas before everyone could see the ghost so could just be a figment of his imagination at this point) ‘whet thy almost blunted purpose’ 3.4
claudius banishes hamlet to england where he will be assassinated for killing polonius rozencrantz and guildenstern have the letter which has instructions to kill hamlet ‘for everything is sealed and done’ 4.3
horatio hears of hamlets return to denmark from a letter where he explains how pirates took over the ship and rozencrantz and guildenstern crossed him so got sent to england to be killed instead i have words to speak in thine ear will make thee dumb’ ‘4.6
claudius hears of hamlets return to denmark after he banished him to england and manipulates/conspires with laertes to kill hamlet in a fencing match with a poisoned tipped sword and claudius has a back up plan of a poisoned drink ‘laertes, was your father dear to you?’ 4.7
the end of the play fight where everyone basically dies and hamlet finally exacts his revenge but dies doing so ‘the drink the drink-i am poisoned’ 5.2

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