Hamlet: Revenge

Hamlet as a revenge tragedy… Hamlet is an Elizabethan revenge tragedy, influenced by Senecan, the ancient Roman
Points… 1. Laertes as malleable/ instrument to Claudius 2. Procrastination over murdering Claudius 3. Supernatural ghost
1. Laertes as malleable/instrument to Claudius quote ‘Laertes, was your father dear to you? Or are you like the painting of sorrow, A face without a heart? Exploiting masculinity as a persuasive device
1. Crit for Laertes Goethe: ‘instrument/agent to authroity’, example to expalin Milgrim’s agency theory in 20th century
2. Procrastination about seeking revenge, by killing Claudius: internal conflict/muse quotes Recognition, ‘Bloody bawdy villain’, however ‘unpregnant of cause’ lacks agency and ‘gall’ (masculinity) is ‘pigeon-livered’ zoomorphic, self loathing obsructs his action
Crit a tragedy of thought’ Bloom 2008
3. vengeful ghost, unruly sleep until CLaudius is killed ‘doomed for a certain time’ in Purgatory, unruly sleep, fiery place, demands H to kill Claudius, end plague

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