Hamlet quotes act 1 scene1 + 2

Act 1 scene 1 -Marcellus Horatio says ’tis but our fantasyAnd will not let belief take hold of him
Act 1 scene 1-Horatio What art thou that upsurp’st this time of night ,Together with that fair and warlike form
Act 1 scene 1-horatio In the gross and scope of my opinion This bodes some strange eruption to our state
Act 1 scene 1-horatio Let us impart what we have seen tonightUpon young hamlet ; for, upon my life,This spirit, dumb to us, will speak to him.
Act 1 scene 2-Claudius We pray you throw to earthThis unprevailing woe, and think of us As of a father; for let the world take note You are the most immediate to the throne
Act 1 scene 2-hamlet O that this too too solid flesh would melt,Thaw,and resolve itself into a dew,Or that the Everlasting had not fixed His canon ‘gainst self-slaughter!
Act 1 scene 2-hamlet Married with mine uncle,My father’s brother, but no more like my father Than I to Hercules;
Act 1 scene 2-horatio A figure like your father,Armed at points exactly, cap-a-pie
Act 1 scene 2-horatio I knew your father;These hands are not more like.
Act 1 scene 2-horatio A countenance more in sorrow than in anger.
Act 1 scene 2- hamlet My father’s spirit in arms! all is not well.I doubt some foul play. Would the night were come.Till then, sit still, my soul. Foul deeds will rise ,Though all the earth o’erwhelm them, to men’s eyes.

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