Hamlet quotes

“this bodes some strange eruption to our state” speaker: horatiospoken to: marcellusmeaning: something is wrong in Denmark
“he hath my lord of late made many tenders of his affection to me” speaker: opheliaspoken to: poloniusmeaning: Hamlet’s attention to Ophelia.
“my words fly up, my thoughts remain below. words without thoughts never to heaven go.” speaker: claudiusspoken to: claudiusmeaning: My words fly up toward heaven, but my thoughts sly down here on earth. Words without thoughts behind them will never make it to heaven.
“what have i done, that thou dars’t wag thy tongue in noise so rude against me” speaker: gertrudespoken to: hamletmeaning: What have I done that you dare talk to me so rudely.
“i hope all will be well. we must be patient. but i cannot choose but weep to think they would lay him i’th’ cold ground” speaker: opheliaspoken to: claudiusmeaning: I hope everything will turn out fine. We must be patient, but i can’t help crying when I think of him being laid in the cold ground.
“no, no! the drink, the drink! o my dear! the drink! the drink! i am poison’d” speaker: gertrudespoken to: hamlet/everyonemeaning: Poisoned by the win.
“this above all: to thine own self be true” speaker: poloniusspoken to: laertesmeaning: be true to yourself, “really to me”
“doubt thou the stars are fire; doubt that the sun doth move; doubt truth to be a liar; but never doubt i love” speaker: poloniusspoken to: claudiusmeaning: you may wonder if the stairs are fire, you may wonder if the truth.
“there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so” speaker: hamletspoken to: rosencrantzmeaning: Nothing is really good or bad…about it.
“to die, to sleep- to sleep, perchance to dream- ay, theres the rub, for in this sleep of death what dreams may come…” speaker: hamletspoken to: hamletmeaning: Dying, sleeping – that’s all dying is…wish for.
“there are more things in heaven and earth, than are dreamt of in your philosophy” speaker: hamletspoken to: horatiomeaning: There are more things in heaven
“though this be madness, yet there is method in’t” speaker: poloniusspoken to: poloniusmeaning: There’s a method to his madness.
“brevity is the soul of wit” speaker: poloniusspoken to: gertrude/claudiusmeaning: Wit is needed to be brave.
“if thou art privy to thy country’s fate…O, speak! or if thou hast up hoarded in thy life, extorted treasure in the womb of earth…speak of it, stay and speak” speaker: horatiospoken to: ghostmeaning: Tell me what happened so i can help.
“conscience doth make cowards of us all” speaker: hamletspoken to: hamletmeaning: Conscience makes us less brave.
“cast thy knighted color off, and let thine eye look like a friend on denmark” speaker: gertrudespoken to: hamletmeaning: Get over your grief.
“one may smile, and smile, and be a villain” speaker: hamletspoken to: hamletmeaning: smiles liek a villian
“the lady doth protest too much, methinks” speaker: hamletspoken to: hamletmeaning: She seems guilty
“stay, give me drink…this pearl is thine. heres to thy health” speaker: claudiusspoken to: hamletmeaning: have a toast for your win
“o what a noble mind is here overthrown! the courtiers, soldiers, scholars, eye tongue, sword, th’expectancy and rose of the fait state, the glass of fashion and the mould of form, th’observers, quite, quite down!” speaker: opheliaspoken to: opheliameaning: hamlet has changed
“tis sweet and commendable in your nature, hamlet, to give these mourning duties to your father, but you must know your father lost a father, that father lost, lost his;–and the survivor noun din filial obligation for some term to do obsequious sorrow.” speaker: claudiusspoken to: hamletmeaning: get over your morning for King
“give very man thy ear, but few thy voice.” speaker: poloniusspoken to: laertesmeaning: Listen more than speak
“i must be cruel only to be kind; thus bad begins, and worse remains behind” speaker: hamletspoken to: gertrudemeaning: it’s hard to pretend
“no place indeed should murder sanctuaries; revenge should have no bounds” speaker: claudiusspoken to: laertesmeaning: revenge has no boundaries
“something is rotten in the state of denmark” speaker: hamletspoken to: horatiomeaning: Something is wrong

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