Hamlet Quote

” If again this apparition come, he may approve our eyes and speak to it.” Marcellus said is the Bernardo
This bodes some strange eruption to our state Horatio said this to Marcellus
Now, sir, young Fortinbras of unimproved mettle hot and full, hath in the skirts of Norway here and there Sharked up a list of lawless resoultues Horatio to Bernardo
And then it started, like a guilty thing Upon a fearful summons Horatio to Marcellus and Bernardo
To Norway, uncle of young Fortinbras, Who, impotent and bedrid, scarcely hears of his nephew’s purpose” Claudius to Cornelius and Voltemand
A little more than kin, a little less than kind Hamlet to himself
‘Seems, madam? Nay it is not. I know not ‘seems’ Hamlet to Gertrude
Good Hamlet, cast thine nighted color off and let thine eye look like a friend on Denmark. Thou know’st tis common; all that lives must die, Passing through nature to eternity Queen to Hamlet
Tis unmanly grief. It shows a will most incorrect to heaven King to Hamlet
that the Everlasting had fixed his canon ‘gainst self-slaughter… O God, God, how weary, stale, flat and unprofitable seem to me all the uses of this world! Tis an unweeded garden that grows to seed, Hamlet to self
Fraility, thy name is woman Hamlet to self
We’ll teach you to drink deep ere you depart Hamlet to Horatio
My father’s spirit in arms? All in not well. I doubt some foul play Hamlet to self
For Hamlet and the trifling of his favor, Hold it a fashion and toy in blood, A violent in the youth of primy nature Laertes to Ophelia
The canker galls the infants of the spring, too oft before their buttons be disclosed… Laertes to Ophelia
Do not, as some ungracious pastors do, Show me the steep and thorny ways to heaven, whiles, like a puffed and reckless libertine, himself the primrose path of dalliance tread Ophelia to Laertes
Above this thine ownself to be true Polonius to Laertes
When the blood burns, how prodigal the soul lends the tongue vows Polonius to Ophelia
They clepe us drunkards and with swinish phrase/ soil our addition, and indeed it takes from our achievements Hamlet to Horatio
Something is rotten in the State of Denmark Marcellus to Horatio
The serpent that did sting thy father’s life, now wears his crown Ghost to Hamlet
The leprous distillment, whose effect holds such an enmity with blood of man that swift as quicksilver it courses through the natural gates and alleys of the body Ghost to Hamlet
But howsomever thou pursues this act, taint not thy mind, nor let they soul contrive against thy mother aught. Leave her to heaven and to those thorns that in her bosom lodge to prick and sting here. Ghost to Hamlet
O most pernicious woman! Hamlet to self
These are but wild and whirling words my lord Horatio to Hamlet
As i perchance hereafter shall think meet to put an antic disposition on Hamlet to Horatio
The time is out of joint. O cursed spite that ever I was born to set it right! Hamlet to Ghost Horatio, and Marcellus
What if it tempt you toward the flood, my lord… and there assume some other horrible form which might deprive your sovereignity of reason and draw you into madness Horatio to Hamlet
Marry, sir, here’s my drift/ And I believe it is a fetch of warrant/ You laying these slight sullies on my son/ As ’twere a thing a little soiled I’ th working Polonius to Reynaldo
Lord Hamlet… with a look so piteous in purpose. as if he had been loosed out of hell/ to speak of horrors – he comes before me Ophelia to Polonius
No, my good lord; but as you did command,/ I did repel his letter and denied / His access to me. Ophelia to Polonius
This is the very ecstasy of love Polonius to Ophelia
Something you have heard/ Of Hamlet’s transformation: so call it/ Sith nor th’ exterior nor the inward man/ Resembles what it was Claudius to Rosencrants and Guildenstern
I have found thee very cause of Hamlet’s lunacy Polonius to King and Queen
That it might please you to give quiet pass through your dominions for this enterprise on such regards of safety and allowance as therein are set down Voltemand and Cornelius to King
Brevity is the soul of wit Polonius to King and Queen
More matter with less art Gertrude to Polonius
I did bespeak: Lord Hamlet is a prince out of thy star Polonius to Queen and King
As such a time I’ll loose mt daughter to him Polonius to King and Queen
Though this be madness, yet there is/ method in’t Polonius to self. Referring to Hamlet
Were you not sent for? Is it your own inclining? Hamlet to Rosencrants and Guildenstern
I am but mad north-northwest: when the wind is southerly I know a hawk from a handsaw Hamlet
You could.. study a speech of some dozens or sixteen lines, which I would set down and insert in’t Hamlet to players
Her father and myself, lawful espials Claudius to Gertrude
O tis too true! How smart a lash that speech doth give my conscience/ the harlot’s check beautied with plast’ring art/ is not more ugly to the thing that helps it/ than is my deed to my most painted word./ O heavy Burden Claudius to self
Get thee to a nunnery… where’s your father? Hamlet to Ophelia
I have heard of your paintings… god hath given you one face and you make for yourselves another… Hamlet to Ophelia
… what he spake, though it lacked for a little. was not like madness. There’s something in his soul/ O’er which his melancholy sits on brood Claudius to Polonius
Horatio thou art e’en just a man/ As e’er my conversation coped withal Hamlet to Horatio
Nay do no think I flatter, for what advancement may I hope from thee/ That no revenue hast buy thy good spirits… Fort thou hast been / As one in suffering all that suffers nothing/ Give me that man that is not passions’s slave, and I will wear him/ In my hears core… as i do thee Hamlet to Horatio
Observe my uncle. If his occulted guilt/ Do not itself unkennel in one speech,/ is a damned ghost we have seen… after we will both our judgements join in censure of seeming Hamlet to Horatio
I’ll take the ghost’s word for a thousand pound Hamlet to Horatio
Do you think I am easier to be played on than a pipe Hamlet to Guildenstern and Rosencrants
Never alone did the king sigh, but with a general groan Rosencrantz to Hamlet
Now I might do it, now he is a -praying… and so he goes to heaven/ and so I am revenged Hamlet to self
My words fly up, my thoughts remain below/ Words without thoughts never to heaven go Claudius to self
You cannot call it love, for at your age? The heyday in the blood is tame, it’s humble Hamlet to Gertrude
These words like daggers to my ear Gertrude to Hamlet
This visitation/ is but to whet thy almost blunted purpose/ but look, what amazement on thy mother sits/ O step between her and her fighting soul Ghost to Hamlet
I essentially am not in madness but mad in craft Hamlet to Gertrude
My two school fellows/ Whom I will trust adders fanged Hamlet to Gertrude
The lady doth protest too much methinks Queen to Hamlet
My tongue and soul in this be hypocrites Hamlet to self

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