Hamlet Quiz Act 1 and 2

When was he born? April 23,1564
When did he die? April 23,1616
Who was his father? John
Who was his mother? Mary
Who did he marry? Anne Hathaway
How many children did he have? What were there names? 3. Susanna, Hamnet, Judith
What theater did he build? what year? Globe Theater in London in 1599
Where was he buried? Is he still there? Holy Trinity Church? Yes, he said he will curse anyone who moves his bones.
First Folio a collection of all his works, was published in 1623
How many types of plays? What type? 3. Tragedies, Comedies,Histories
Tragedies deal with death, morality, and destruction, and show how the breaking of a moral law leads to disaster
Comedies romantic fantasies designed to delight and amuse audiences
Histories illustrate moral lessons to be learned from the crimes of ambitious and treacherous leaders of a state
What shape was the theater? octagonal
Groundlings people who stood in an unroofed yard in the center where they watched plays for a penny
galleries 3 tiers of seats that rose around the perimeter
How many people could it hold? 2,000
What were the costumes like? very colorful and expensive
what was the scenery like? scenery and props were limited because not much time and energy went into them
Who played the womens roles? young men or children
What is the setting in scene 1, Act 1 ? midnight in the castle of Elsinore, Denmark
Why is Fancisco happy to Bernardo? Bernardo is relieving him of watch. Francisco is tired and afraid of the ghost
Why has Marcellus begged Horatio to join the watch? He is afraid the ghost wil show up and he wants Horatio to see it. horatio is skeptical and will no believe it unless he sees it
What does the ghost look like?do?say? The late king hamlet, it stalks away. It doesn’t say anything
What was the outcome of the fight between king hamlet and fortinbras King hamlet killed fortinbras and took over the disputed land
Why is there a need for nightly watch on the palace There is fear that young fortinbras will attack Denmark to revenge his fathers death and to take back the land
How are Claudius, the dead king hamlet and queen Gertrude related? Claudius is the brother of king hamlet, brother in law to the queen and prince hamlets uncle. Now queens husband
What is in the letter Claudius is sending to the ailing king of norway A request that the “old Norway” (fortinbras uncle) reign in the young fortinbras and keep him from attackinh Denmark
Who is laertes? Why does he want to leave Denmark? He is the son of Polonius(lord chamberlain/counselor of the king) and the brother of Ophelia. He wants to go to France
Why is young hamlet grieving? How do Claudius and Gertrude treat his grief? Over his fathers death and his mothers quick marriage to Claudius. They tell him his grief is inappropriate,unmanly and get over it.
Why is king planning a celebration? To cheer up and welcome hamlets decision to stay in Elsinore
Who is Horatio?what does he reveal to hamlet? He is his best friend from wittenburgh. He tell him that he has seen his fathers ghost.
What advice does laertes give Ophelia He says “I love you but I wouldn’t trust him”. He is prince so he might not have a choice, he said to not get too caught up with hamlet
What advice does polonius give laertes To behave properly, advice, clothes/apparel
What advice does polonius give Ophelia’ Do not embarrass me by embarrassing yourself with hamlet
How does hamlet feel about the drunken revelry He thinks it is disgusting and they have a bad reputation compared to to other countries
What mixed feelings does hamlet have when he sees the ghost Excitement, fear
Why doesnt Horatio want hamlet to follow the ghost He’s afraid the ghost will lead him to his death
What does the ghost tell hamlet the ghost tells hamlet that he took a nap in the orchard and claudius poured poison in his ear and robbed him of his life, wife and crown. he wants hamlet to kill him to get revenge
Why does the ghost want hamlet to treat Claudius? Gertrude he wants to kill him. he wants to leave her alone
What doesn’t hamlet make Horatio and Marcellus swear? Why? to not tell anyone what they seen that night because he does not want the revenge plan to get back to claudius.
Why does polonius send Reynaldo to Paris to give money and letters to laertes and check in on him and to find out what he has been up to and if he is doing anything bad
Why is Ophelia frightened by hamlet he is acting crazy and looks pale and looks a mess he also grabbed her by the wrist and held her hard
How does polonius explain hamlets behavior? Is he right? he thinks hamlet has gone mad because he is in love with ophelia and she has rejected him. No, it is a part of his plan.
who are rosencrantz and guildenstern? why have they come to elsinore? they are hamlets friends.they have come to see what is wrong with him
What do rosencrantz and guildenstern agree to do? are they betraying hamlet? talk to him and report to claudius. Yes
What is the beridden king of norways response to claudius’s request? requests permission to go through. he wants to go to war with poland
who wrote the love letter that polonius reads to claudius and gertrude? why does he read it? hamlet, he wants the king and queen to know he is in love with ophelia
what is polonius’s plan for proving that hamlets odd behavior is the result of love madness? have ophelia and hamlet meet while claudius and polonius watch
how does hamlet feel about seeing his old friends, rosencrantz and guildenstern?what do they tell him? he is happy but asks if they come alone or were you sent for. he is suspicious
what does hamlet request the traveling players to preform?why? murders of Gonzago. it illustrates his fathers death.
where does hamlet want to go to school? wittenburgh
where did laertes go back to school? france
who tells hamlet about his fathers death? late king hamlet ghost
what is hamlets plan? act insane
who spys on ophelia and hamlet? polonius and claudius
who is horatio? hamlets best friend
what is hamlets plan to see if claudius is actually guilty? re act the murder of his father, murders of gonzago
where was shakespeare born? stat ford on avon , England
shakespeares occupations? poet play writer and actor
how many plays , sonnets and narrative poems did he write? 37 plays, 154 sonnets, 2 narrative poems.
sonnet 14 line poem

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