Hamlet quiz 2

Where does the Ghost spend his time during the day? During the day he spends his time in purgatory because of his sins
What were the people told about King Hamlet’s death? The people were told the king was bit by a snake
Explain Hamlet’s meaning when he says, “O my prophetic soul!” Hamlet suspected Claudius to be a killer, he had a bad feeling about him.
Explain the Ghost’s meaning when he says that he died”unhouseled, disappointed, unaneled.” Ghost was unable to repent for his sins because his death was so sudden
What instruction does the Ghost give Hamlet about his mother? Do not seek vengeance on your mother, let heaven judge her
What were the Ghost’s last words to Hamlet? Adieu, Adieu, remember me Wants Hamlet to complete the mission
What is the significance of swearing on the sword? You would rather die than break the promise. Also, the sword is in the shape of a cross which means God is present
Explain Hamlet’s meaning when he refers to an “anticdisposition.” Hamlet will pretend to act crazy, and the people are unable to say that they know he is pretending
Who says the line, “By indirections find directions out”? Explain its meaning. Polonius said this He wants Reynaldo to start little rumors about Laertes to see if the people agree with them, to know the truth about his son. Polonius is spying on laertes.
Why is Ophelia so upset in Act 2 scene 1? She is upset because Hamlet was acting so weird towards her and it creeped her out.
What is Polonius’ theory about Hamlet’s madness? Polonius thinks that Hamlet has gone crazy because Ophelia obeyed his wishes and didn’t speak to him. He thinks Hamlet is in love with her.
Who are Rosencrantz and Guildenstern? Childhood friends of Hamlet, who were called by the king and queen to see what’s wrong with him.
What request does the king of Norway make of Denmark? Norway asks if their army can pass through Denmark to get to Poland since they are at war.
Who says the line, “More matter, with less art,” and what is itsmeaning? Queen Gertrude. She says it because Polonius was babbling. She basically said “get to the point.”
Who says the line, “Brevity is the soul of wit,” and how is it usedironically? PoloniusBrevity means to be brief, precise and to the point. It is ironic because Polonius is the complete opposite of that.
How does Polonius propose to test his theory about Hamlet’smadness? Make Ophelia read a book in a spot that Hamlet passes on his daily walks. When they are alone together, Claudius and Polonius spy on them.
Who says the line, “Though this be madness, yet there is method in it”? How is this line significant? Polonius said this about Hamlet. He is basically saying that maybe the things he’s saying aren’t really nonsense. They kind of do make sense. Polonius is kind of on to Hamlet.
Explain the significance of the line, “Except my life.” Hamlet said this. The only thing you can take from him is his life. Shows he’s suicidal
Who says the line, “Denmark’s a prison,” and what meaningsmight we attribute to it? Hamlet said this He wants to go back to school but his mom and uncle won’t let him. He is now a prisoner because he can’t leave. Mentally, his need for revenge for his father traps him. His a prisoner to his own thoughts. Other examples of prisoners are Ophelia- her love for Hamlets traps her Claudius- if he did it, his guilty conscience traps him The Ghost, forced to roam Denmark during his nights
What primary concern does Hamlet express about the players? Hamlet is concerned about the kid players. He wants to know who takes care of them. What happens when they grow up?

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