Hamlet PPT

Give the year in which Shakespeare was born and died 1564 – 1616
Shakespeare was _____ child oldest son of 8 kids
He married ________ when he was _____ while she was __________Children were? Married Anne Hathaway, – he 18, she 26 – Susanna born soon – twins Hamnet/Judith
Elizabethan dialect only one linguistic generation removed from modern English
Elizabethan dialect: command of language(Shakespeare’s english) – no dictionaries- added 3,000 words to language- English pride in language: puns & insults
describe Elizabethan England – rising middle class- socially stratified society- improving literacy * caused insatiable demand for printed material- great interest in drama
Describe the traits of Elizabethan drama * displace Church as social center of activity (was not as involved in Church as before) * traveling troupes (young boys/female parts) * audience loved violence, blood, attention-getters * noble bearing: dignified language * lower classes: comic characters
The globe was burned down because… The globe was burned down because of failure at cannon special effects
Rebuilt the globe with what? tiling on semi-roof (very neat) 🙂
trap doors represented what? heaven, hell
were there curtains? nope
So if you were this, you would be able to sit on stage w/ actors wealthy paid to sit….
Characteristics of the Globe * groundlings, prostitutes* elaborate costumes
Describe the instances of having no sets – dialogue used to depict scenes- major scenes happened off-stage- represented the colors of flag by what time something occured
Daytime color? light blue flag
Night time color? dark blue flag
Hamlet is based on what year and story/tale? Hamlet based on 12th century tale of Amleth
Describe the traits of the tale … – “revenge drama” early 1600s- Ur-Hamlet(ghost, melancholoy, murder, deaths)
What year was Hamlet written and published? written in 1602, published in 16241602 and 1624
Hamlet was what to Shakespeare’s fans? The GREATEST play
What is the form of Hamlet blank verseprosesoliloquyasideapostropheallusioncomic reliefRenaissance high tragedy(protagonist dies 🙁
blank verse: unrhymed iambic pentameter(5 iambs/line)
iamb is? unstressed/stressed
soliloquy actor alone or unaware of others – Central es “To be or not to be”
aside intended for audience only
apostrophe direct address of absent/imaginary personII.ii — Hamlet on man
Renaissance high tragedy protagonist kuck, died 🙁
What is rotten in Denmark? RegicideFratricideIncest Usurpation
A spreading poison: “One woe doth tread upon another’s heel, /So fast they travel.” (IV.vii) – in King’s ear- in “Mouse-Trap”- on sword’s tip- in cup
A rat – “Mouse-Trap”-Claudius as sole vollain
Themes – deception, honesty, fidelity- time- life/death- revenge- ambition- politics, power, diplomacy- courtly life- supernatural/macabre- good & evil (basic to tragedy); dram. of evil speech- woman/man

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