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abate (verb) lessen,lower,diminish
abatement (noun) lessening, decrease, diminution
abhorred (adjective) horrifying, disgusting, abominable
about (Adverb) about your business, into action
above (adverb) in addition, as well
abridgement curtailment, cutting off, shortening
absolute perfect, complete, incomparable/precise, literal, particular
abstract summary, digest
absurd tasteless, insipid, incongruous
abuse deception, hoax, fraud/deceive, mislead, fool, cheat
accident occurrence, event, happening
accord agreement, assent, consent
account/accompt reckoning, judgement [especially by God]
acquittance acquittal, exoneration, excusing
act activity, action, performance/ action (upon a person), effect
action performance, exercises, acts/movement, demeanour, gesture
addition title, name/polite form of address, style of address/exaggeration, overstatement
address prepare, make ready, poise to act
admiration amazement, astonishment, wonder
admit permit, allow, grant
adoption association, relationship
adulterate adulterous
advancement preferment, elevation, progress
advantage advantageous position, place of vantage, superiority
aery brood [of a bird of prey], nestful
afeared afraid, frightened, scared
affection fancy, inclination, desire/affectation, posing, artificiality
affright frighten, terrify, scare
affront come face to face with, meet, confront
after according to
against (or ‘gainst) by the time of/just before
aim guess, conjecture, surmise
air fresh air, open air/breeze, light wind
alarm (or alarum, ‘larm, ‘larum) alarm, agitation, excited feeling
allowance acknowledgement, admission, confirmation
alone only, solely, uniquely (adverb)
amaze confuse, perplex, bewilder
amazement bewilderment, perplexity, distraction/overwhelming wonder
amble walk in an unnatural way
amiss misfortune, calamity, adversity
an if if (conjunction)
anchor anchorite, hermit, recluse
angle fishing rod, line, hook
annexment appendage, adjunct, attachment
anon soon, shortly, presently
answer favourable reply, acceptance/[fencing] return hit/account for, justify, defend
antic (or antick, antique) fantastic, bizarre, weird
antique roman ancient roman [i.e. viewing suicide as an honorable option]
apoplexed paralysed,benumbed
appal turn pale, terrify, dismay
apparel clothes,clothing dress
applaince remedy, cure, treatment
appointment equipment, effects, weaponry
apprehension powers of comprehension, understanding
approve prove,confirm, corroborate, substantiate/commend, praise, show to be worthy
appurtenance usual accompaniment, accessory
apt fit, ready, prepared
aptly easily, readily
argal (or argo) [variants in the latin ergo’] therefore
argue indicate, betoken, be evidence of
argument story, subject, plot/cause, reason [for a dispute]
arithmetic calculation,computation, reckoning
arm prepare, get ready
arraign accuse, charge, indict(not necessarily guilty of the charge, its the charge itself)
arrant downright,absolute, unmitigated
arras tapestry hanging
arrest order to obey the law, summons to stop
art skill, knack, dexterity/rhetorical art, verbal artistry
artere (or artire) [early spelling of ‘artery’] sinew, ligament, tendon
article clause, term, provision/importance, moment, significance
artless uncontrolled, unskillful
as as if, because, so that, such as, for instance, to wit,
askant (or askaunt) aslant, across
aspect [of a human face] look, appearance, expression
assail attack, assault, address
assault attack, temptation, snare
assay effort, attempt/trial/try, venture/challenge, tempt, win over
assigns accessories, appurtenances, trappings
assistant in attendance, standing by, available
associate companion, fellow traveler
assume acquire, adopt, take on
assurance security, certainty, confidence/confirmation, pledge, guarantee
astonish (or ‘stonish) stun, dumbfound, strike dumb with dismay
attend await, wait for expect/serve,follow,wait [on/upon]/accompany, follow closely, go with/listen [to], pay attention [to]
attent attentive, heedful, intent,
attribute reputation, credit, honour
audience hearing, attention, reception
audit account, reckoning, [especially: in the face of God]
aught anything, [with negative word] nothing
augury omens, premonition, divining the future
auspicious smiling, cheerful, happy
author creator, originator, instigator
authority authoritative influence, dictatorial opinion
avouch assurance, guarantee
awhile a short time, briefly
aye always, ever, for eternity

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