Hamlet – Pick-a-theme!

Revenge Hamlet’s killing of Claudius, for honor in memory of his father, Hamlet Snr.
Revenge Laertes’ challenging of Claudius, then Hamlet, for honor in memory of his father and sister -Polonius and Ophelia.
Revenge Fortinbras’ invasion of Denmark to kill Hamlet Snr for honor in memory of his father, who was killed by Hamlet Snr.
Betrayal Claudius’ disloyalty to his brother and King, Hamlet Snr, by murdering him for his throne.
Betrayal Gertrude’s disloyalty to her late husband’s memory by marrying her brother-in-law, Claudius, so quickly.
Betrayal Rosencranz and Guildenstern’s disloyalty to Hamlet a they spy on him for Claudius and Gertrude.
Betrayal Hamlet’s disloyalty to Ophelia as he ignores her while avenging his father.
Betrayal Polonius’s distrust of his son Laertes, as he sends Reynaldo to spy on him in France.
Betrayal Claudius’ ________ of Hamlet as he accedes the throne without Hamlet’s blessing. Hence, an act of stealing.
Corruption Claudius!!! “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.” -Marcellus, Act 1, Scene 4. Basically everything Claudius does expresses his ___________.
Family/love Laertes’ avenging of his father’s and sister’s death, because he loved them.
Family/love The warning that Laertes and Polonius give to Ophelia against Hamlet is an example of this.
Death Everyone in the dual scene, besides Horatio, dead at the end of the play.
Death What is discussed as the natural order of life.
Power/Ambition The reason in which Claudius kills Hamlet Snr, to steal the throne.
Power/Ambition The reason in which Gertrude marries Claudius, to stay queen.
Power/Ambition The theme behind Hamlet’s wanting to kill Claudius to get his throne back.
Power/Ambition The reason why Polonius says only yes to Claudius.
Madness Ophelia’s state when she gave out flowers and commited suicide.
Madness What Hamlet feigned so he could get away with everything.
Circle of life What Yorick’s skull was a symbol of, Hamlet’s discussion of worms, and Gertrude’s stating that death is “common” -Act 1, Scene 2 (72)

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