Hamlet, Part 6: Applying Literary Criticism

Which is a feminist analysis of these lines? Hamlet defines Gertrude only by her relationship to men.
Both historical and feminist criticisms Connect literature to the society it was written in.
What motif is used in these lines? Head and coldness
Which lens is the student most likely viewing the text through? Historical
The structure of these lines shows that Queen Gertrude is caught between her new husband and her son.
How does the repeated idea in this excerpt reflect an important theme in this play? The repeated use of “hot” and “cold” words supports the theme “Passion is a powerful force.”
Feminist criticism focuses on ____________ Power dynamics
Patriarchy is the name for a Society dominated by men.
Formalist criticism focuses upon a text’s Structure
This exchange reflects Shakespeare’s time because Rulers gained power by surrounding themselves with loyal officers.

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