Hamlet OCR English A level

Francois de Belleforest Histoire Tragiques 1570
Saxo Grammaticus Historia Damica
Francis Bacon “wild Justice”
King Lear “reason is madness”
Bolso from Duchess of Malfi “fantastical scholar”
David Garrick 18th century motivated by love, emphasis on relationships
Laurence Olivier indecisions, Oedipus complex and incest
Kenneth Branagh 1996 Duality of character and two-way mirror
Benedict Cumberbatch 2015 makes hamlet more sane and therefore more relatable
Andrew Scott modernisation of the flow of language and surveillance
Bertold Brecht 1930’s “historical play” as opposed to psychological caught between two worlds (wittenberg and elsinore)
michael almereyda 2000 film within and film
george norton “represent women as powerful and independent” however they are usually punished by death
text to performance very few stage directions
ernest jones “deepest and most buried part”
A C Bradley “melancholy” play reflected by is swift changes in mood
Rebecca west “the mad woman is a heroine”
Jon Kott “a drama of political crime”
Anne Barton “the word of a possibly unreliable ghost” and hamlet lacks evidence.

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