Enter: Chorus and Hamlequon with his blanket and pillowChorus (Shemariah) Hamlequon: (Laying down in bed; upon hearing a noise) Who be there?
Father: (Walk in) It’s me it’s me it’s me! Hamlequon: (Scared and hiding behind the covers) Me who?
Father: I’m yo daddy! Peyton stands up yelling “HE IS THE FATHER” from the crowd Hamlequon: (Scared and hiding behind the covers) Why you here?!?
Father: (Becoming angry) Whatchu mean why am I here? I’m here Cuz yo uncle killed me. He changed mah medication! Hamlequon: (Confused) Sayy whuuuuttt!!!
Father: (Snatching the covers away and pointing at him) Kill ‘im but keep it on the DL. Hamlequon: (Holding up his hands in surrender) Aight! Aight!I’ll do it!
Enter: Ophelia, Hamlequon, and chorusChorus (Shemariah): Hamlequon decides to act crazy in order to carry out his revenge. He acts crazy around his family and Ophelia.Ophelia flirting with HamlequonOphelia: (Angry and frustrated) Hamlequon what is wrong witchu? Hamlequon: (Angry and pointing at himself) Girl ain’t nothin wrong wit me! (Pointing at Ophelia) Why don’t you leave me alone!
Ophelia: (Gets in Hamlequon’s face) Hamlequon you been actin’ real shady lately, what’s wrong? Hamlequon: Ain’t nothing wrong, I already told you! Go away.(Brushes past Ophelia)
Ophelia: (clinging onto him) Look, just tell me what’s goin on, bruh! Hamlequon: (Pushing her off) You really wanna know?! Okay, I don’t love you anymo’ cuz yo breath be kickin.’ Forget ’bout me, I don’t care. I don’t care bout you, and yo eyebrows aint on fleek! (wipes off Ophelia’s eyebrows and walks off like a BOSS)
Ze’Claud: (to Rainbow) I’ve called you here for one thing. You have one job. Don’t screw it up. Now go! Hurry up, you’re wasting time just standing there! (Rainbow gang walks out the door murmuring about their jobs) (Hamlequon walks in, looking for Ze’Claud) Hamlequon: Ay Ze’Claud! What you been up to!
Ze’Claud:(Wraps arm around Hamlequon) Son, I got the gang N’ we gon’ make some vines, maybe they be cool ‘nough to make us famous! Hamlequon: (Brushes him off) Oh, Aight, cool. So the whole gang in on this?
Enters: Ophelia and chorusChorus (Shemariah): …
Chorus (Angela): Hamlet is at the burial place before anyone and has yet to find out that Ophelia is dead. That is until he sees her body being placed in the ground. Hamlequon: (Holding on to Ophelia) What is this? My love! She dead! I loved her more than fried chicken! She was the ramen to my noodles!! WHYYYYYY!?!? BABY COME BACK YA CAN BLAME IT ALL ON ME!!!criii
Larry: (Pulling off Hamelquon) Eyyyyy, get off mah sister! You killed her, it’s too late to ‘pologize! Hamlequon: Bruh, don’t tell me what to do. I don’t tell you how to run yo life! (pushLarry)
Larry: Aww nah, you did not just do that. (pushes Hamlequon and fight breaks out)Larry: Aww nah, you did not just do that. (pushes Hamlequon and fight breaks out)Priest: No. Stop. No fight. No fight. Y’all need Jesus.Megan: (Police sirens) megan imrov Improvise
Enter: Chorus, Hamlequon, Ze’Claud, Gertrisha, Larry, and audience (A and stuffed animals)Chorus (Shemariah): Hamlequon is told that Ze’Claud bet money that Hamlequon could beat Larry in (Sword fight) Hamlequon agrees to fight Larry and goes to fight him. Ze’Claud tells Hamlequon that if he lands the 1st or 2nd hit then he will be rewarded a break. Though, having already planned with Larry that Ze’Claud will poison Kool-Aid and have Hamlequon drink it. They have also planned to poison (the tip of Larry’s sword).Hamlequon and Larry start fight and Hamlequon lands 1st hit Ze’Claud: Aight, you can have yo break. Tries to hand him Kool-Aid to refresh himself, but Hamlequon denies the break Hamlequon: Nah, I’m good.Goes to talk to another gang member
Ze’Claud: Aight, lets keep goin then.Gertrisha: Oh look some Kool-aid! Yasss! Ze’Claud: No Gertrisha, don’t drink that! Gertrisha: Don’t tell me what to do, I don’t tell you how to live yo life, don’t tell me how to live mine! (drinks le kool-aid) Megan:Larry: Why would you poison the kool-aid! You know we like that stuff!Megan: Larry: Great! Now I’m gonna have to kill Hamlequon! (turns to Cinthia) Hamlequon! Hurry up and let’s fight!Larry: Ze’claud poisoned da kool-aid! Aaaand my silly string!! Hamlequon: WHAT?! (Hamlequon forces Ze’Claud to drink) (turns to Larry) I’m sorry for killin yo daddy…… and Ophelia.

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