Hamlet for Humanities

In what year did the globe theater open? 1599
Excavations of the site on which the globe stood indicate that the theater had a polygonal shape, with as many as 20 sides. Approximately how many feet was the theaters diameter? 100 ft
A fee of one penny provided access to the cheap seats in the yard. (Note that the seats were so cheap that there were no seats; instead, patrons stood.) Identify the term used to identify the patrons his deer in the yard? groundlongs
A sellout crowd at a public theater such as the Globe might exceed 2000 paying customers. How many spectators would have been in the yard and how many in the galleries? Yard: 800Gallery: 1200
I won’t name was the actors’ dressing room known? Tiring house
Access to the space below the stage was provided by a trap door. What name was used to identify the space below the stage? The “hell”
A portion of the stage was covered by a roof. By what name was covering known? The “heavens”
Provide one exclamation for Shakespeare’s having created relatively few female roles in his plays. women weren’t allowed to act on stage
What is the two-word term used to refer to Shakespeare’s original manuscript? the foul papers
What is the two word term used to refer to a transcribed version of the original manuscript that would be suitable for theatrical use? fair copy
The acting version (known as “the book of the play”) was the most valuable form of a text to a specific group. Which group? theatrical
What is the name of the publishing format in which eighteen of Shakespeare’s plays were issued during his lifetime? quarto
What is the name of the publishing format in which this “complete works” edition of Shakespeare’s plays was printed? folio
Today, this “complete works” edition is considered priceless. When it was first issued in 1623, though, at what price did this edition sell? 1 pound
In how many different versions was Hamlet printed during Shakespeare’s lifetime? 3
Which of these versions is considered a “memorial reconstruction”? Q1 > quarto #1
Although the identity of the Ur-Hamlet’s author is unknown, many scholars have assigned the play to whom? Thomas Kyd
A crucial element in the Ur-Hamlet is a ghost who calls for what action? revenge
The Ur-Hamlet Is derived from a collection of tales compiled by Fran├žois Belleforest. What is the name of this collection? Histories Tragiques
Belleforest’s source is a 12th century work written by Saxo Grammaticus. Which work? Historiae Danicae
Grammaticus records the legendary tale of Amleth, a nobleman from which Scandinavian country. Identify his Scandinavian homeland. Denmark
List two translations of Amleth, and old Norse term. dim witted & simpleton
The key to the success of Shakespeare’s characters is found and what element? language
When Claudius first appears, he is wearing a sash with three stripes. The two outer stripes are an identical color. What color is the sash’s middle stripe? yellow
After Horatio, Bernardo, and Marsellus inform Hamlet of the Ghost’s appearance, the Prince does not permit the three messengers to depart by the door through which they had entered. Instead, Hamlet guide them to a concealed passageway. What is used to conceal this passage way? a bookcase
What item does Hamlet carry as Horatio and Marsellus direct him to a location where the Prince May see the Ghost for the first time? a sword
When Hamlet and the Ghost both demand that Horatio and Marsellus “swear”, they do so while touching an object that Hamlet holds in his hand. What is this object? Hamlet’s sword
During most of the time that Polonius and Reynaldo converse, Ronaldo has two objects in his right hand. One is a glass of wine. What is the other? cigar
When Rosencrantz and Guildenstern first meet with Claudius in his bed chamber, two servants adjust the bed covers. Another hands him a cup of coffee. And while the king sips his coffee and sits on his bed, a third attendant uses a cloth to provide another service. What is the service that this third attend it provides? shoe shine
After Claudius leaves the company of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, he has joined by Polonius. The two walk to a nearby room where a large group of people are dressed in identical white garments and are involved in an activity. What is this activity? fencing
Polonius informs the king and queen that he has solved the riddle concerning Hamlet’s madness: The prince is in love with Ophelia. Soon, Hamlet enters the room, reading a book. Polonius climbs a staircase to talk with Hamlet . When Ophelia’s father reaches the top of the staircase and faces the prince, Hamlet shocks Polonius and us. What is Hamlet wearing on his head? a skeleton mask
When Rosencrantz and Guildenstern arrive to talk with Hamlet, they use a mode of transportation that certainly was not intended by Shakespeare. What is this anachronistic mode of transportation? a train car
Following an exquisite presentation by one of the actors (Charlton Heston) Hamlet leaves the company of the actors and then dismisses Rosencrantz and Guildenstern. Next the prince enters a room (perhaps a study or a library), where he delivers his “Oh, what a rogue and peasant slave am I!” soliloquy. As the scene concludes (“The play’s the thing/ Wherein I’ll catch the conscience of the king.”), a small figure, representing King Claudius, falls over. It’s unclear what method Hamlet uses to knock over this “king.” Choose use one of these popular opinions: A)he shakes the table. B) he uses a puff of air. A
In an on usual twist to his production, Hamlet delivers this “to be, or not to be in “soliloquy in the face of two characters. Who are these two characters? Claudius & Polonius
When we next see Horatio, he is reading a newspaper article about the Norwegian army. After he folds the paper, he withdraws an item from his vest pocket and then glances at it. What is this item? pocket watch
What is the dominant color of the garment that the ghost wears when he appears in Gertrude’s bed chamber? gray
Hamlet kills Polonius, hides the body, is chased through many rooms, is “captured,” and finally it’s brought before Claudius. After the king demand Hamlet’s prompt departure for England, the prince address is Claudius as “mother.” Then he touches the king in a startling way. Describe the manner in which Hamlet touches Claudius. (A single word is sufficient). pecks his mouth
When Laertes enters the palace, he is accompanied by a large group of rebels. Alone with the king and queen, he points an object at Claudias. What is the object? a sword
After Laertes exits, Claudius calls upon Gertrude to join him in following Laertes. Gertrude’s response is important, for it signals a turning point in her attitude toward Claudius. Summarize the manner in which Gertrude response to the call for her to join Claudius. disgust
Hamlet observes as the gravedigger (Billy Crystal) makes final preparations on Ophelia’s grave. Along the rim of the grave, the gravedigger has set a collection of five objects, each with a pair of “sockets.” As he speaks with Hamlet, the gravedigger places them in a cloth bag. What are these objects that the gravedigger has removed from Ophelia’s grave? skulls, who’s skulls?
Overcome by his grief, Laertes jumps into Ophelia’s grave, opens the casket, and removes an object from under her head. What is this object? a Bible
After Hamlet withdraws from the cemetery, Claudius soothes Laertes and urges Gertrude to “set some watch over her son.” Gertrude’s physical reaction to Claudius is important to our understanding the play. How would you summarize the message that Gertrude’s response is intended to send to the audience? Pause and think carefully before you write your response. distrust towards Claudius, and almost like she believed her son and all he says.
Hamlet and Laertes are dressed in predominantly white fencing outfits. But each has a distinguishing color. What are the corresponding colors? Hamlet: red. Laertes: blue
During the fencing contest, hamlet achieves two “hits” and calls for a third round. Laertes and his “second” place the poison on the weapon’s point. Then Laertes commits a blatant act of poor sportsmanship. Summarize his action. Cuts him when Hamlet’s back is turned
What is the common name for the lighting fixture that assists Hamlet in “chasing” Claudius? a chandelier
What object rests on the head of Fortinbras as he gives instructions concerning Hamlet’s body, and the final lines of the play? crown of Denmark
As Hamlet lies in his coffin, what object is found in his hands? his sword
After we view Hamlet lying in his coffin, we observed several Fortinbras’ soldiers dismantling a statue. Who is represented on the statute? Hamlet I

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