Hamlet Final

There has been a ghost that has visited two times before. Why are the guards so nervous and jumpy at the beginning of the play?
Ghost disappears when the cock crows. Guards link the strange appearance to what is happening with Fortinbras How does the ghost react when the cock crows? What political event do Horatio and the guards link to the strange appearance of Old Hamlet’s ghost?
Black; bothers Claudius because he thinks Hamlet should be done mourning like everyone else and he has business to attend to now. Also, it does not look good on Claudius. What sort of clothing does Hamlet wear to the Queen’s wedding? Why does that bother Gertrude and Claudius?
Laertes knows that Hamlet will only “love” Ophelia for a short time and it will not work because she doesn’t have royal blood. Why does Laertes not want Ophelia to date Hamlet?
Be true to yourself; be quick to listen but slow to speak; be wise with what you spend. List some advice Polonius gives to Laertes.
Hamlet is disgusted that Claudius and Gertrude moved on so quickly after King Hamlet’s death. What does Hamlet think of Claudius’ participation in traditional Danish drinking games?
Marcellus What character makes the famous statement, “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark”?
Claudius was the one who actually killed King Hamlet by poisoning him in the garden and blaming it on a snake. What secret does the Ghost reveal to Hamlet concerning his death?
Take revenge on Claudius but have mercy on Queen Gertrude What does the ghost ask Hamlet to do? To whom is Hamlet supposed to be merciful?
Under the stage; people will not know exactly where the ghost’s voice is coming from. When the ghost commands Marcellus and Horatio to “swear” to secrecy, where does his voice come from? Why is this disturbing given Renaissance stage conventions?
Allusion versus reality What is the overall theme of Act 1?
Because of his armor. How did the guards know that the ghost was King Hamlet?
War What is Fortinbras preparing for?
The cock crew Why did the ghost leave?
Tell Hamlet about their sighting of the ghost What do the guards plan to do by the end of Act 1 Scene 1?
Get the land back that King Hamlet stole Why does Claudius want to attack Fortinbras?
To spy on Laertes and see what he’s doing while hes in college. Why does Polonius send Reynaldo to Paris?
He doesn’t trust his children and he expects them to fail. He is overprotective and selfish. What does this mission reveal about Polonius’ family relationship?
He’s heart broken over Ophelia ignoring him and his heart felt gestures so he’s acting crazy. What ploy does Hamlet use to misdirect others from any unusual behavior he might evince during his plot to kill the king?
Weird motions with his arms before reading Ophelia’s letter from Hamlet. What off-stage action does Polonius reveal concerning Hamlet’s behavior in Act II, Scene ii?
To test his conscience Why does Hamlet want to show Uncle Claudius the particular play he selects for the actors?
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Who does Claudius send to spy on Prince Hamlet and monitor his insanity?
They are Claudius’ spies What does Hamlet (correctly) suspect about Rosencrantz and Guildenstern?
He feels as if he is trapped in a prison cell and he has no way out. Why does Hamlet say that Denmark is a prison?
He can choose to act crazy or not. “Just the way the wind blows”. What does Hamlet mean when he says he is “but mad north-northwest”?
Crying about people they do not know. Why is Hamlet so disturbed by watching the actors weep onstage as they play Queen Hecuba and King Priam?
He creates a scene that closely resembles what happened to his father and he will watch Claudius for a reaction. What plan or test does Hamlet come up with for seeing if his uncle is guilty?
Should I live or is it time for me to end my life? When Hamlet asks, “To be, or not to be,” what is he asking himself? Rephrase that question in modern terms.
He is filled with contempt and disgust towards women who are fake. Describe how Hamlet treats Ophelia during his conversation at the theater watching the play.
Gertrude When the Player-Queen on stage cries out, “Oh, confound the rest!/Such love must needs be treason in my breast./In second husband let me acccurst!/None wed the second, but who killed the first,” her words reflect on one of the members of the audience. Which character should feel uncomfortable hearing these lines?
People have noticed things; her actions spoke for her. When Gertrude critiques the play, she analyzes the Player-Queen’s acting performance, and she concludes, “Methinks the lady doth profess too much.” What is the irony of the statement?
He stands up and commands the play to stop. What does Claudius do when the actor portraying Gonzago pours the fluid into the player-king’s ear?
He’s going to use hurtful words What does Hamlet mean when he says he shall “speak daggers to her” instead?
He wants to condemn Claudius. Claudius didn’t actually confess and he would have been condemned anyways. Why does Hamlet pause and not kill Claudius in the chapel, even though Hamlet is armed, Claudius is alone, and the opportunity is perfect? Why is it ironic that Hamlet does not kill King Claudius at that point in the play?
His indecisiveness is what gets him killed in the end. What is the significance of that indecision regarding Hamlet’s character and the major conflict in the play?
He thought he was stabbing Claudius but he actually killed Polonius Why does Hamlet stab through the curtains or arras in Gertrude’s room?
He is in the curtain eavesdropping on Hamlet. How does Polonius end up getting killed? What is ironic about Hamlet’s statement just before the blow that strikes down Polonius?
The ghost What or who stops Hamlet from doing violence to Gertrude when he forgets his Father’s commandment?
Gertrude’s reaction to how King Hamlet died is truly genuine. From what Hamlet has told her, her heart is split in half. . What evidence do you see in the text that Gertrude does not know how King Hamlet met his death? Is there any textual evidence that she was “in” on the murder of the elder King Hamlet?
Hides it in a closet upstairs What does Hamlet do with Polonius’ body?
Kill him What does the letter Claudius writes to the King of England as the King to do to the bearer?
Horatio Who will bear that letter?
The death of Polonius by Hamlet’s hand What drives Ophelia crazy?
Revenge on his father’s death Why does Laertes return from abroad?
Who actually killed his father, why his father didn’t have a decent burial, and how did he die. What does Laerters want to find out?
Short-fused, no remorse What is Laertes like in his temperament and personality?
He tells the King to kill the bearer and not to be concerned about holding Hamlet anymore. When Hamlet alters the content of Claudius’ letter, what changes does he make?
Church When Claudius challenges the sincerity of Laertes’ grief, where does Laertes say he would be willing to cut Hamlet’s throat?
He could’ve killed Claudius in the church. How is that a contrast with Hamlet’s earlier actions when he first spotted an opportunity to kill Claudius?
Helps him devise a plan to kill Hamlet. How does Claudius manage to recruit Laertes to his cause?
She drowned herself. What news does Gertrude bring of Ophelia’s death?
Drowining, climbed a tree and apparently fell in. How does Ophelia die?

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