Hamlet Definitions

abate verb, to reduce in intensity or amount.The money abated from my bank acount quickly.
ardor noun, warmth or heat of emotion; extreme force or vigor.His ardor for the war sparked when the enemy attacker.
augury noun, an omen or prophecy.The witch was an augury for the mans death.
auspicious adj, favorable. Scoring a goal during the first game was an auspicious way to start the season.
beguile verb, to decieve or mislead.The villian beguiled the hero.
chide verb, to voice disapproval, to scold.I was chided by my teacher for not doing my homework.
circumvent verb, to get around something, to outwit.The witness tried to circumvent the subject.
clemency noun, leniency.Presidents sometimes show clemency towards cetain companies.
convocation noun, an assembly where there is a coming together.The school had a convocation at the begining of the year.
dearth noun, a lack.There is a dearth of water in the desert.
discretion noun, ability to act on one’s own power of individual decision.The dictator has discretion over all the people.
edifying noun, instructing or improving spiritually or morally.Going to church is an edifying experience.
enmity noun, mutual hatred.I have enmity towards towards criminals.
entreaty noun, a plea, an earnest request.The prisoner made an entreaty to get out of jail.
extol verb, to praise or glorify.The teacher extols the students who do best.
felicitous adj, happy or delightful.The wedding was felicitous.
fetter verb, to restrict by shackling or chaining.The convict was fettered to stop him from escaping.
flourish verb, to thrive, to grow well.The garden flourished in the spring.
gambol verb, to playfully skip or leap.The dancers gamboled down the halls.
germane adj, important to the issue at hand.The meeting was very germane.
gilded verb, covered with gold or a golden color.The castled was gilded.
gravity adj, seriousness, importance.My fathers funeral was held with gravity.
harbingers noun, things that precede and forcast.Birds flying south is a harbinger for the coming of winter.
homage noun, a reverential regard.People paid homage to the victims of 9-11.
impetuous adj, hasty, rash or impulsive.His impetuous behavior casued him to make many mistakes.
incorporeal adj, without material form or substance.The man was horrified by the incorporeal sights he saw.
insolence noun, the trait of being rude and impertinent.His insolence toward his mother was shocking.
lament verb, to mourn or express sorrow.She lamented the death of her husband.
mettle noun, courage or spirit.The hero persude the princess with mettle.
oblivion noun, the state of being forgotten.The man’s fame was left in oblivion.
obsequious adj, overly attentive.The man’s obsequoius behavior was to ensure he would earn an A.
ominous adj, threatening.The dark clouds looked ominous.
ostentatious adj, showy, pretentious.The man in the chorus was ostentatious.
palpable adj, tangible, easily noticable.The large elephant in the room was palpable.
paragon noun, a model of exellence or perfection.God is a paragon for some people.
peevish adj, fretful, obstinate.The mad man was very peevish.
perdition noun, damnation; ruin; hell.Some people believe that sinners risk going to perdition.
pernicious adj, exceedingly harmful.Doing drugs is a pernicious habit.
portent noun, a sign of something about to happen.The cold days was a portent of the injuries that happened.
prate verb, idle or foolish and irrelevant talk.The guest speaker prated during the entire speech.
prodigal adj, a recklessly extravagant consumer.There are prodigal costumers at Walmart.
profane adj, showing contempt towards sacred things.Profane language is not allowed at school.
reconcile verb, to reestablish a friendship.My best friends need to reconcile their differences.
relish verb, to take great pleasure of delight in.I relished after graduating from high school.
requite verb, to make repayment or return.The girl was heartbroken form unrequited love.
resolute adj, characterized by quickness and firmness.The man who ran the buisness was very resolute.
sentinel noun, possessed of controlling power.The guard was a sentinel for the president.
sovereign noun, a nation’s ruler or head of state usually by hereditary right.The king is sovereign with his people.
superfluous adj, more than is needed, desired, or required.The superfluous student did extra credit.
traducer noun, one who attacks the reputation of another by slander.The girl was rude and a traducer.
usurp verb, seize and take control without authority and possibly with force.The king usurped money form the people.
wanton noun, immoral lewd.The bad girl expossed wanton behavior.

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