Hamlet critics

“Tragedy for Shakespeare, is a genre of uncompensated suffering” David Katsan
The emotional truth of the struggle is central to the tragedy – Shakespeare provokes questions about the meaning of tragedy but refuses to provide any answers David Katsan
“In the tragic theatre suffering and death are perceived as a matter for grief and fear” A.D. Nuttall
Modern audiences value what is disturbing and do not seek literature to provide comfort A.D. Nuttall
“His fall effects the welfare of a whole nation” A. C. Bradley
Suffering extending beyond the protagonist to others around him is essential and a source of pity for the audience A. C. Bradley
“Hamlet can be privileged in madness to say things…about the corruption of human nature Maynard Mack
Reminds us that Elizabethans believed madness to be an excess of emotion Maynard Mack
Shakespeare sees truth in the world but can only convey it through his writing & so we dismiss it as fiction Maynard Mack
“Hamlet never promises to revenge, only to remember” John Kerrigan
Suggest that Hamlet tries to replace the love for his dead father with love for the living Ophelia John Kerrigan
The task of mourning for Hamlet is to detach memories and hopes of the dead John Kerrigan
“Even as an avenger, Hamlet seems more motivated by his mother than by his father” Janet Adelman
“Hamlet” reverses the story of Adam & Eve Janet Adelman
Hamlet’s psychological task is not physics revenge but psychologically remaking his mother in the image of the Virgin Mother Janet Adelman
Gertrude is ambiguously innocent Janet Adelman
“He is the prince of philosophical speculators” William Hazlitt
“Hamlet” generalises human experience and moralises it William Hazlitt
The play’s events unfold in a natural & unforced way William Hazlitt
Ophelia is only a significant character because of what she tells us about Hamlet Elaine Showalter
Hamlet’s madness is clearly feigned; he is more acted upon than the actor Johnson
The play portrays revenge as moral duty Lowell
Hamlet’s friendship with Horatio is a profound one that is strengthened over time Stolyarov
The theme of friendship does not maintain itself throughout the play Robert C. Evans
Hamlet is a desolate play with no respite from anguish Maude
Soliloquies allow the audience the privilege of seeing the character’s truest self Newell

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