Hamlet critical quotes

Echoes of “surveillance culture” Hadfield
Murders are “caught in their own toils” Drake
Ophelia is deprived of her thought, sexuality and language Showalter – Ophelia is deprived
Gertrude is “possessed as one of the effects of his actions” Smith – Gertrude
Relationship between Gertrude and Claudius is “never sexual at all” Bamber – relationship between C and G
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern sacrifice the bond of human friendship to a social propriety French
The other characters in the play do not hesitate to act because they are sure of their own values and beliefs Alexander – other characters
Claudius is “a good and gentle King, enmeshed by the chain of causality linking him with his crime” Knight – Claudius is a
It is we who are Hamlet Hazlitt
The single characteristic of Hamlet’s innermost nature is by no means irresolution of hesitation but rather the strong conflux of contending forces Swinburne
Impossibilities have been required of Hamlet; not in themselves impossibilities, but such for him Van Goethe
Hamlet’s disgust at he feminine passivity in himself is translated in violent revulsion against women Leverenz
Hamlet dies a revenger, a poisoner but also a soldier and a prince Belsey – Hamlet dies…
pleasing men is Gertrude’s main interest Smith – Gertrude’s main interest
Revenge exists on a margin between justice and crime Belsey – Revenge
Ophelia’s character isn’t fully developed because she’s simply an artistic device used to indicate Hamlet’s psychological state Bamber
Polonius trained his daughter to be obedient and chaste and is able to use her as a piece of bait for spying Smith- P and O
Ophelia represents a powerful archetype in which female insanity and sexuality are intertwined. Showalter- Ophelia represents
Ophelia stands for the oppression of women in society. Showalter- Ophelia stands for
Hamlet’s madness is due to being trapped in-between two worlds: world of knowledge and the world of expectation. Amaral
The prince’s downfall is predominantly due to his intellectual nature and reflective habit.’ A C Bradley
No Ghost. Hamlet speaks lines of ghost whilst being possessed. Emphasises madness/ unreality of ghost Richard Eyre’s version 1980
What more heinous crime could be committed against the aristocratic body than a fratricide that is also a regicide? Tennenhouse
the ‘Prayer Scene’ creates sympathy for Claudius and distances us from the protagonist, Hamlet Knight – the prayer scene…
By examining Horatio’s relationship with Hamlet…we can learn a great deal about Hamlet as a character Gillies- Horatio’s relationship with Hamlet
Horatio, in his role as the truth-bearer, serves to validate Hamlet’s place as a hero Gillies- Horatio’s role
Laertes is impulsive and irrational… which ultimately leads to his own demise. Thomas

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