Hamlet Critic Quotes

Lee Edwards Ophelia literally has no story without Hamlet / 1980’s – Second Wave of Feminism
Rebecca Smith “only a deceitful, highly sexual woman could arouse such strong responses” / “caught miserably at the centre of a desperate struggle” / 1980’s – Second Wave of Feminism
Ernest Jones “pent up feelings find a partial vent in other directions” / Psychoanalytical
Samuel Johnson “too horrible to be read aloud or uttered” / 1700’s Anglican
Samuel Coleridge “did not understand the character of Hamlet” / Romanticism
John Quincy Adams in furor brevis / governed by the impulse of the moment
Maynard Mack we discover a different man / 1950s
BBC RSC 2009 security cameras / same actor for old hamlet and claudius
Olivier 1948 Oedipal emphasis / younger mother / to be or not to be zoom / Gertrude is conscious of wine
Zeffirelli 1990 Oedipal emphasis / promiscuous madness
Brannagh Claudius watches Hamlet through mirror during To be or not to be looking in mirror during to be or not to be
Wilson Knight good and gentle King / blamed Hamlet / 1930s / provocative The Embassy of Death

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