Hamlet Context AO3

Rainbow portrait of Queen Elizabeth I. Dress is covered with eyes and ears. Which portrait is this and what is unusual about it?
Ditchley portrait of Queen Elizabeth I, 1592. She is shown to stand on the world and is dressed all in white perhaps to symbolize her virginity/ chastity in not marrying. Which portrait is this and what is interesting about it?
Outside the city walls as these areas were associated with crime, debauchery and prostitution. In London, where were theatres located and why?
The Lord Chamberlin’s men What was Shakespeare’s company initially called?
The King’s men. What did Shakespeare’s theatre company change their name to and why?
The Book of Common Prayer Which text outlined that it was wrong to marry your sister/ brother-in -law after your spouse had died?
It was seen as a sin and is included in the 6th commandment as murder. If you committed this ‘crime’ you were not given a proper Christian funeral. How was suicide perceived in the 1600s?
Hamlet is all in black wearing mourning clothes. It would have been customary to do this for a year after the death of a king. What is Hamlet wearing in 1.2 and why?
Mary Queen of Scots (Elizabeth’s elder sister). She did not mourn for her husband Henry for the prescribed time. She remarried a few moths after her husband’s death to Brothwell. Who is commonly known to have killed her former husband, Henry. Which Queen could Shakespearean audience compare Gertrude to?
Wittenburg. It is the place Luther launched the Protestant Reformation. It emphasized biblical authority and individual responsibility responsibility. Where did Hamlet go to University and why did Shakespeare choose this place?
That the ghost would not be able to enter heaven as he had not been purified of sin through confession. The Ghost says that he did not absolve/ confess before being murdered. What would Catholics think about this at the time?
Protestants did not believe in purgatory. The heavily Protestant audience may have believed that this was proof that the Ghost is the devil. The Ghost says that he did not absolve/ confess before being murdered. What would Protestants think about this at that time?

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