Hamlet context

The First Blast of the Trumpet against the Monstrous Regiment of Women John Knox’s polemical work was called
1558 John Knox’s polemical work was published it said women as the ‘weaker sex’ were unfit to rule
the bond of association what was the thing called that meant that all of Elizabeth’s subjects were expected to pursue to death anyone who threatened the monarch’s life
heightens the severity of Claudius’ crime In Hamlet the Divine right of Kings
microcosmic element the Elizabethan monarch was seen as a ….. whcih meant that if ruler gave into temptation or misjudgement this would ripple outward
Cult of Elizabeth Created by the government to ensure loyalty and devotion to the queen. – undermined in later years by ageing body
spying best form of social control Sir William Cecil – Polonius believed
popular in Renaissance Europe and inspiration for revenge tragedy Seneca as an influence
Roman official who witnessed the corruption of Nero’s court Seneca was a …… – Shakespeare wants to expose corruption of James’s court
Oedipus and Orestes Two myths Hamlet influenced by
matricide to avenge Dad Agamemnon Orestes – Shakespeare knew myth bc previous Greek plays eg Titus 1592 revenge driven
Earl of Essex 1590s ELizabeth’s court favourites were
Elizabethan mirrors would have been spotted and warped when Hamlet says art ‘holds up a mirror to nature’
black bile Elizabethan believes madness caused by excess of – SHake undermines this by showing complex madness?
a time of mis-devotion Hamlet was written at a ….. bc established Catholicism vs compulsory Protestantism – Donne
didn’t pay church taxes Why do we think Shakespeare came from a Catholic family – Catholic guilt
Henry and Catherine of Aragon Gertrude and CLaudius reminiscent of
Leviticus chapter 20 verse 16 Henry used which bible verse to get rid of Cath of A in 1528
fashionable male aristocratic illness melancoly was
a sign of instability and emotional in its origins for women hysteria was – hystera Greek for womb
uncontrollable sexual creatures women in Elizabethan England expected to be chaste – Ophelia sexual repression shown through madness yet paradoxically shown as – G
1596 When did Hamnet die – Shakespeare steeped in grief
1601 When did Dad die – Hamlet begins with death of Dad and grieving son
revenge issues prosecuted in court of law to dissuade public from pursuing personal revenge how was revenge dealt with in Jacobean era
‘wild justice’ Francis Bacon on revenge
aristocratic honour code which was chivalry bound by oaths and loyalty Revenge and blood feuds were outlawed by ….
95 theses Denmark and Wittenberg remarkably Protestant settings ….. written at Wittenberg
Mary Queen of Scots Who threatened Elizabeth’s ‘middle way’ and showed the lingering threat of 65 years of religous tumult
1587 When was M Queen of Scots executed
after death souls went to purgatory heaven or hell so ghostly souls on earth had sinned and could warn us or enforce social norms Catholics on ghosts –
Thomas Browne 1643 Religio Medici ghosts were apparitions sent from hell to seduce or corrupt us Protestants on ghosts – mixed feelings of audience on ghosts
somewhere between life or death, heaven or hell force to be reckoned with shows gravity of situation Overall significance of ghosts
fratricide due to jealousy Cain and Abel 1st murder of mankind – referred to 3 times in Hamlet
clothes devil in Garden of Eden who lead man to damnation ‘ the serpent that did sting thy father’s life now wears his crown’ – metaphor CLaudius is
The Courtier by Castiglione What book published in English in 1562 taught people how to be Renaissance
foils for Hamlet If one examines greek myth Fortinbras and Laertes are eg Odysseus
dancer classics witty polite pretty musical fit strong horseman swordsman charming popular re The Courtier by Castliglione Renaissance man should be
he is not swept away by fate as in Greek tragedy but is given choice How does Hamlet represent the Elizabethan idea of the individual
humanism and nihilism Shakespeare suggests that every modern human is confronted by a choice personified by which renaissance philosophies
educated classics paint dance sing not seek fame inspire art but not create create charming home/court but not be active The Courtier by Castiglione what should renaissance woman be
cursed is the ground because of you through painful toil you will eat food from it gravediggers evoke Genesis 3 – show essence of man? – after Adam sins the lord decrees

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