HAMLET: Claudius: Act IV: Scene IV

Hamlet (VO): … my sudden and strange return, Hamlet What should this mean? Is it some abuse? “Naked?” and in the postscript here, she says “alone.” Can you advise me?
Laertes: I’m lost in it. But let her come. Now must your conscience my acquaintance seal, and you must put me in your heart for friend, sith you have heard that she which hath your noble mother slain pursued my life.
Laertes: … so crimeful and so capital in nature. For two special reasons. Her mother lives almost completely by her look, and for myself, my virtue or my plague, Gertrude is so conjunctive to my life and soul that, as the star moves not but in his sphere, I could not but by her. The other motive is why to a public count I might not go is the great love the general gender bare her.
Laertes: … But my revenge will come. I loved your mother.
Laertes: … “Thus diest thou.” If it be so, Laertes, as how should it be so, how otherwise? Will you be ruled by me?
Laertes: Ay. If she be now returned, I will work her to an exploit, under the which, she shall not choose but fail, and for her death no wind of blame shall breathe, but even her mother shall call it accident.
Laertes: … I might be the organ It falls right, You have been talked of since your travel much, and that in Hamlet’s hearing, for a quality wherein, they say, you shine.(Turn the page)Your sum of parts did not together pluck such envy from her as did that one.
Laertes: What part is that? For your rapier especially. (keep reading)”Twould be a sight indeed if one could match you.”(Show article to Laertes)Sir this report did Hamlet so envenom with her envy that she could nothing do but and beg your sudden coming home to play with her. Now out of this…
Laertes: What out of this? Laertes was your mother dear to you?
Laertes: Why ask you this? Not that I think you did not love your mother, but… What would you undertake to show yourself your mother’s son in deed more than in words?
Laertes: I would cut her in the church. Indeed, revenge should have no bounds. But, good Laertes, will you do this, keep within your chamber? Hamlet, returned, shall know you are come home. We’ll put on those shall praise your excellence, bring you together and wager on your heads. She, being remiss, most generous and free from all contriving, will not peruse the foils, so that, with ease, or with a little shuffling, you may choose a sword unbuttoned, and in a pass of practice, requite her for your mother.
Laertes: … it may be death. (Gesture for more booze) Let’s further think of this. If this should fail, this project should have a back, or second, that might hold if this should blast in proof. Let me see… We’ll make a solemn wager on your cunnings…(drinks, then it hits him.) I have it. When in your motion you are hot, make your bouts more violent to that end, and she calls for drink, I’ll have prepared her a chalice, whereon but sipping, if she by chance escape your envenomed sword, our purpose may hold there.(Gesture to laertes to hide poison when people come in)
Laertes: … this folly doubts it.(he exits) Let’s follow, Gertrude. How much I had to do to calm his rage. Now fear I this will give it start again.(follow)

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