Hamlet Character Map

King Hamlet’s Ghost Former Husband of: GertrudeFather of: HamletBrother of: ClaudiusKilled by: Claudius
King Hamlet’s Ghost Has returned to Castle Elsinore to tell Hamlet that Claudius is his murderer.
Claudius Brother: King HamletKilled: his brother, King HamletWife: GertrudeUncle to: HamletStep-father to: HamletHis adviser: Polonius
Claudius King of Denmark; marries his sister-in-law and ascends to throne after death of King Hamlet
Gertrude Husband: ClaudiusMother of: HamletFormer husband: King Hamlet
Gertrude Queen; widow of the late King and wife of Claudius
Polonius Adviser to: ClaudiusSon: LaertesDaughter: OpheliaMurdered by: Hamlet
Polonius Claudius’ Counsellor
Laertes Son of: PoloniusSister: Ophelia
Laertes Returns home from France to avenge Polonius’ death and conspires with Claudius to kill Hamlet
Hamlet Father: King HamletMother: GertrudeUncle: ClaudiusStep-father: ClaudiusMurders: PoloniusLoves: OpheliaChildhood friends: Rosencrantz & GuildensternFriend/Confidant: Horatio
Hamlet Prince of Denmark, seeks to avenge his father’s death
Ophelia Father: PoloniusBrother: LaertesLoves: Hamlet
Ophelia Polonius’ daughter, who goes mad and drowns herself after Hamlet mistreats her and murders her father
Horatio Friend and confidant to Hamlet
Horatio supports Prince Hamlet in his quest
Rosencrantz childhood friend to Hamlet
Rosencrantz Hamlet’s school chum, brought to Denmark to spy on the Prince for Claudius
Guildenstern childhood friend to Hamlet
Guildenstern Hamlet’s school chum, brought to Denmark to spy on the Prince for Claudius

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