hamlet- background and characters

Shakespeare’s plays, sonnets, and longer poems arewritten predominantly – but not exclusively – in ___ iambic pentameter
Blank verse is unrhymed ___ iambic pentameter
The word “iambic” is from ___ iamb
a two-syllable unit the pronunciation of which has a stress on the second syllable; for example, “delight,” “tonight,” and “today” are ___ (while “dinner,” “evening,” and “ticket” are ___ – a twosyllable unit in which the stress is on the first syllable). iambs; trochees
is a line that has five such pronunciationstresses, or beats. pentameter
an ___ line will generally have five stressesand ten syllables. iambic pentameter
written around 1600 hamlet
Shakespeare’s longest play hamlet
one of Shakespeare’s most popular plays hamlet
___ works have been produced allover the world in every language; stillproduced and studied today shakespeare
– Universal themes and conflicts- sheer beauty of his language (poetry)- psychologicallyreal characters reasons why shakespeare is still studied today
30yrs old, astudent at the Universityof Wittenberg hamlet
an ___ deliberately used to tellthe audience what kind ofman Hamlet is anachronism
Of course the historicalHamlet, who lived around700, could not haveattended ___,founded in 1502 Wittenberg
___ is the first work of literature to show anordinary person looking at the futility and wrongsin life, asking the toughest questions and comingup with honest semi-answers like most people dotoday. hamlet
Unlike so much of popular culture today,”___” leaves us with the message thatlife is indeed worth living, even by imperfectpeople in an imperfect world. Hamlet
Shakespeare’s “___” is full of talk aboutdeath, dead bodies, murder, suicide,disease, graves, and so forth. And there isno traditional Christian comfort or promiseof eventual justice or happiness for thegood people. Hamlet
But the message is ultimately one of___- You can be a hero. hope
deceased King of Denmark King Hamlet
Prince of Denmark, son of thedeceased king Hamlet
the newly crowned king ofDenmark and Hamlet’s uncle Claudius
Queen of Denmark, widow of thedeceased king and now wife of Claudius Gertrude
councilor to Claudius; his righthandman polonius
soldiers who areamong the first to see the ghost of Hamlet Bernardo and Marcellus
son of Polonius Laertes
daughter to Polonius, and Hamlet’s girlfriend Ophelia
Hamlet’s friend Horatio
school friends ofHamlet who are summoned by Claudius to spy on Hamlet Rosencrantz and Guildenstern
the Prince of Norway; his father was killedin battle by King Hamlet Fortinbras
courtiers Corneluis and Voltemand
group of traveling actors who arrive in Denmark players
Denmark, Elsinore Castle, 11th century setting of hamlet
the plot is Not original, first appeared in ___ history Danish
Shakespeare borrows his plots from history, myth,folk stories or songs or even other plays,but uses it for his own ___ purposes dramatic
a thing belonging or appropriate to a period other than that in which it exists, especially a thing that is conspicuously old-fashioned. anachronism

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