Hamlet AO5

Frankcom production (Maxine Peake as Hamlet) – presence of ghost light bulbs and eerie sound
Frankcom production – cuts no Fortinbras or war with Norway scenario – Hamlet’s crisis not in the middle of a greater one
Frankcom production – Polonius as a woman, controlling mother with no maternal qualities, not comedic
Godwin production (set in Africa) – Ophelia Ophelia mocks Laertes’ preaching speech about Hamlet in 1.3
Calderwood – purpose of ghost “breaks down the borders between life and death”
Hall production (1965) – staging the ghost assumed super-human proportions
Gielgud production (1964) – staging the ghost huge shadow of a helmeted head and bust
Knight – Hamlet’s death “Hamlet ultimately dies because he sinks to the same level as Laertes by killing someone”
Kosintsev production (1964) – beginning views of castle’s exterior – pomp and grandeur but also isolation
Kosintsev production (1964) – soliloquy ‘to be or not to be’ silent, voiceover – introspective
Kosintsev production (1964) – ending Hamlet dies silently and alone with Horatio, away from other courtiers
Godwin production (set in Africa) – opening Old Hamlet’s coffin being brought on stage (like Olivier’s production)
Godwin production (set in Africa) – atmosphere military tyranny – pamphlets and pictures of Claudius everywhere

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