Hamlet and his relationship with/treatment of Gertrude

Act 1 Scene 2 First time pair meet in the play.Hamlet is cold, Gertrude tells him to stop grieving.First soliloquy: “She married, o most wicked speed”
Act 1 Scene 5 Ghost tells Hamlet not to harm Gertrude, Hamlet shows his true feelings towards her”O most pernicious woman”
Act 3 Scene 4 Hamlet questions his mother’s motivation “Stewed in corruption, honeying and making love over the nasty sty”Gertrude can’t see the Ghost
Act 4 Scene 1 Gertrude defends Hamlet after Polonius’ murder”Mad as the sea and wind”
Act 5 Scene 1 “I loved you ever – but it is no matter”
Act 5 Scene 2 Hamlet grieves for his motherGertrude warns him after drinking the poison, Hamlet only acts after her death
Summary of Relationship Gertrude’s hasty marriage is the catalyst for Hamlet’s behaviour.Hamlet hates her but at the end she spurs him into action.She can’t understand him and fails to make an effort to.

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