Hamlet Allusions

Hyperion a sun god
Satyr Half man, half ghost
Niobe Endless crying women
Nemean Lion A beast slain by Hercules
Hercules Half man, half god
Lethe The river of forgetfulness in Hades
Hades God of the Underworld
Seneca Roman traged writer
Jepthah Ballad of a biblical judge who had to sacrifice his daughter – Hamlet makes a point because Polonius is sacrificing his own daughter
Priam Ruler of troy; refers to his murder
Pyrrhus Greek hero in the Trojan war and the son of Achilles; he killed Priam at the fall of troy to avenge Achilles’ death
Hyrcanian beast tiger
Mars God of war
Hecuba mourning loss of husband
Aeneas Hero of the Aeneaid (by Virgil) tells Dido stories of the war
Cyclops giants who forged armor for the Gods
Dido queen of Carthage – Aeneas tells her stories of the war
Ilium the central tower of Troy

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