Hamlet Allusions

Hyperion sun god
Satyr half man/half goat, sexually perverse man
Niobe mother who wept endlessly
Nemean Lion fearsome beast played by Hercules
Hercules half man/half god
Lethe river in Hades whose waters caused forgetfulness
Hades ancient greek god of underworld
Seneca roman philosopher and dramatist
Jepthah sacrificed his daughter
Priam killed by pyrrhus
Pyrrhus seekes revenge, father was murdered by Priam’s son Paris
Hycranian beast bengal tiger
mars god of war
hecuba wife of priam
cyclops one-eyed giants
aeneas trojan refugee
dido queen of carthage
illium wealthy and powerful city of troy
hymen god of marriage
tellus goddes of earth and fertility
phoebus roman sun god
hectate goddess of withcraft
nero emperor killed his mother
mercury winged messenger of the gods
jove king of the gods, equivalent of zeus in greek
olympus mountain

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