Hamlet Acts III-V

What is Hamlet’s reaction to the stabbing? he did not really care the he killed Polonius, but he did wish it was Claudius
what does this scene reveal about Gertrude’s guilt? she feels guilty about marring her husbands brother but it does seem like she knew about the murder.
what aspect of Gertrude and Claudius marriage still clearly brother Hamlet the most? that they should not be sleeping together
what are two things that are important about the ghost’s second appearance? -Gertrude was not able to see him -he was not wearing armor
what two things does Hamlet command his mother not to do? -do not go to bed with Claudius-she should not let Claudius touch her
what does Gertrude relate to the king? what is the Kings fear? Gertrude tell the king that Polonius is dead; the kings fear is that he is going to get blamed for Polunius death
explain the metaphor Hamlet uses to describe Rosencrantz he says that he is like a sponge, he soaks up everything around him
according to Hamlet, where is Polonius? he is either at supper or dinner, he is getting hat he deserves
what does the king plan for Hamlet? to send him back to England
why does Fortenbras come to Denmark? to ask for safe passage through Denmark to Poland
what information does Claudius reveal concerning Polonius? he is dead and buried,he is worried that they buried hi wrongly, the people are angry
what do the King and Queen assume is the cause of Ophelia’s apparent madness they think that she is becoming mad because of her Father’s death
describe Laertes’ response to his fathers death he wants to kill whoever killed his father.
how is he a foil for Hamlet? they both have lost their father due to bad circumstances Hamlet: wore black a lot Laertes’: handles it with “wisdom”
what is revealed in Hamlets letter to Horatio that he was “captured” and was headed to England
What two reasons does Claudius give to Laertes’ as for why he will not kill Hamlet himself? -his mom loves him-the general public loves him too
what manner does the King plan for killing Hamlet he made it look like an accident
In Gertrude’s description of Ophelia’s drowning, what suggests that Ophelia’s death was a suicide she was wearing heavy clothing and was in a tree over a river kicking flowers
what is significant about the various skulls the gravedigger digs up during the opening of Act V scene i he was thinking about how they use to be real people who had real jobs and lives. He thinks that everything has life but then that have nothing
how do the skulls contribute to the evolution of Hamlet’s understanding of death he now knows that they were once people and now they are turning into dirt in the ground. He also realizes that you may bury the person but you can not bury the memories you have of them
How does the entrance of Ophelia’s funeral procession continue this evolution he sees the unjustness of death (not every grave is the same)
what does Hamlet admit concerning his feelings for Ophelia that he loved her
do you believe Hamlet when he says that he loves Ophelia yes and no, because he says so on line 185-187 of Act 5 scene 1, that he loves her, but he would have told her that before she dies and they both would have waited for each other instead of going ahead and having sex with one another
do you think that Gertrude was telling the truth when she said hamlet should have been Ophelia’s husband? No, i think that she was lying because she never agreed to them in the first place and a prince marries among his kind not below so it would have been frowned upon.
what did Hamlet find while on the ship to England he found the letter saying that Hamlet was to to be killed in England and why they should kill him
how does Hamlet accomplish his revenge on Rosencrantz and Guildenstern he rewrites the letter making it say that they are the ones that are to be killed
how does Hamlet justify his revenge they tried to kill him earlier in the book so now he is paying the back in the same way
what message does Osric bring to Hamlet, and what is Hamlet’s response? the king wants him to fight Laertes and he also said he put a big bet on Hamlet winning
explain how each of the characters die in act 5 -Gertrude died by drinking the poisoned drink -Claudius dies because he was stabbed by the sword and Hamlet forced hi to drink the poisoned drink- Laertes and Hamlet both died because of the poisoned sword
who arrives at he end of the play Fortinbras
what is his reaction to what he find in denmark? he clams that he is now the rightful one for the thrown since Denmarks previous king is dead and he killed Fortinbras’ dad and took over their kingdom

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