Hamlet Act V Reading Quiz

The tone of the scene with the gravediggers is: comical
Hamlet’s amazed at the gravedigger’s ability, surrounded by human skulls and bones, to sing while digging a grave. Horatio explains that custom has effected the gravedigger
We discover Hamlet’s age in this scene too. Hamlet is how many years old? thirty
Through the gravedigger, the audience discovers what the citizens of Denmark have been told regarding Hamlet’s trip to England. As delivered by the gravedigger, Hamlet was sent to England because he was mad
Ophelia’s given a Christian burial because Claudius commands so
At the gravesite, we discover that Gertrude expected Ophelia to marry Hamlet
What is Hamlet’s reaction when he realizes the event he is witnessing? he is distraught and swears that he was once in love
When Claudius realizes that Hamlet is back at the castle, he makes plans to: use Laertes’ anger as a means to construct revenge
Before he returns to Denmark from the foiled voyage, Hamlet has confirmed evidence that Claudius actively seeks the present death of Hamlet. The evidence is discovery of the King’s letter
Osric, one of the King’s “boot-lickers”, sycophants, arrives in Act 5 scene ii singing the praises of Laertes. Hamlet pokes fun at Osric by teasing Osric about his _________ which Osric adjust according to Hamlet’s will–demonstrating the excessive pandering within the court of King Claudius. hat
In Hamlet’s “gentle entertainment” to Laertes, as Queen Gertrude advised, Hamlet blames the killing of Polonius on Hamlet’s madness
What becomes of the Queen Gertrude? she is technically murdered by Claudius
During the final scene, in an aside, Laertes reveals that his conscience is struggling with the plan to kill Hamlet. true
When the poison does its work on the Queen, she collapses. The King blames the Queen’s fainting on the bloody wounds on Hamlet/Laertes
Who reveals Claudius’ treason (murdering the Queen) to the gathered assembly? Laertes
Horatio states that his sole purpose now will be to: live on to tell Hamlet’s story
The English arrives at the Danish court to report Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are dead
To wrap up the various revenge plots, who enters at play’s end to claim the Danish crown? Fortinbras
The entire play is almost how many lines? four thousand
The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, like all of Shakespeare’s high tragedies is written in blank verse, which is best described as unrhymed lines of iambic pentameter

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