Hamlet Act V

Laertes thinks that Ophelia should have a better funeral service. What is the priest’s answer? Ophelia is lucky to be getting a funeral as the priest is considering the “nature of her death” (means she killed herself which is a sin because Catholic religion).
Why does Hamlet jump into Ophelia’s grave? He is trying to show how his sorrow and grief is as great as Laertres’.
What does the King say to Laertes to console him after Laertes and Hamlet are separated? Claudius tells him not to worry because sooner or later Hamlet will be dead as a doornail.
What did Hamlet do to Rosencrantz and Guildenstern? He pulled a switcheroo with some letters, reversing his own execution order and enacting Rosencrantz and Guildenstern’s executions.
What news does Osric bring Hamlet? Osric is the courtier sent by Claudius to invite Hamlet to duel with Laertes.
What happens to the King, Hamlet, Laertes, and the Queen? a) King Claudius is killed by Hamlet.b) Hamlet dies by Laertes’ sword. c) Laertes is killed by the poison on his own sword. d) The Queen drinks out of the cup intended for Hamlet and dies from the poison.
Who does Hamlet recommend to the throne? Fortinbras.

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