Hamlet Act Two

Scene One Polonius instructs Reynaldo to give letters and money to Laertes and ask around about him / Ophelia tells Polonius about Hamlet coming to her room and acting strange / Polonius decides to tell the king and queen
Scene Two Part One Claudius asked Rosencrantz and Guildenstern to spend time with Hamlet and try to get him to have fun and find out what is wrong with him / Polonius claims to know why Hamlet has gone crazy / Polonius goes to bring in the ambassadors from Norway and Claudius tells Gertrude that Polonius has the answer / Voltemand and Cornelius tell of Fortinbras preparations of war that have been stopped / The ambassadors leave and Polonius gets out the letter from Hamlet to Ophelia and reads it out loud, and says that he has told Ophelia to stay away because he is out of her league and Hamlet reacted badly / Polonius says that he plans to bring in his daughter, then Hamlet walks in / Hamlet does not recognize Polonius and talks to him, including about his daughter, before Polonius leaves
Scene 2 Part Two Rosencrantz and Guildenstern talk to Hamlet about luck and Denmark being a prison / Hamlet discusses why they are there / They discuss the acting troupe, and the actors arrive / Hamlet sings while speaking to Polonius / Hamlet greets the actors and asks them to recite a speech / Hamlet begins the speech and the actor continues it / He asks Polonius to treat the actors well and asks them to perform the Murder of Gozango and add an extra speech / Talks about being a coward and using the play to test Claudius’s conscious
What does Polonius ask Reynaldo to do? Give letters and money to Laertes, spy on him, and ask around about him casually
Who gave Ophelia a scare? Hamlet
What state was Hamlet in when he went to Ophelia’s room? No hat, an unbuttoned shirt, stockings undone and around his ankles, pale, knees knocking together, and out of sorts
What does Ophelia think is wrong with Hamlet? What does Polonius think? He might be crazy with love / Crazy with love and heartbroken
What did Hamlet do to Ophelia to frighten her? He grabbed her wrist, stared at her, held her at arm’s length and just looked at her for a long time. He shook a little, jerked his head up and down three times, and sighed. He then left without looking away from her
What do Ophelia and Polonius decide causes his behavior? Ophelia listened to her father and sent Hamlet’s letters back, and wouldn’t let Hamlet visit her
What does Polonius decide to do? Discuss it with the king because it would cause more trouble if kept secret
Why did Claudius send for Rosencrantz and Guildenstern? Hamlet has changed inside and out, R and G are familiar with his personality and behavior so he wants them to stay at court a while and spend time with him to get him to have fun and find out what’s bothering him so they can fix it
What two things do Polonius announce when he sees the king and queen? The ambassadors are back from Norway and he has discovered why Hamlet has gone crazy
What does Gertrude think caused Hamlet to act crazy? His father died and she got married quickly
What news did Voltemand and Cornelius bring? The king of Norway sent troops to stop his nephew’s war preparations, which he thought were aimed at Poland but were actually against Denmark. He was upset Fortinbras deceived him and ordered his arrest. When he promised never to threaten Denmark again, the king was overjoyed that he gave him an annual income of 3000 crowns and permission to lead soldiers into Poland. They gave a letter in which the king asks for permission for his troops to pass through Denmark while assuring safety
What does he read to the king and queen? A letter sent to Ophelia that she handed over. She also described to P how he had been courting her
What does Polonius say that he told Ophelia? How did he say Hamlet reacted to rejection? Hamlet is a prince and out of her league, and stay away from him, don’t accept gifts from him / became sad, stopped eating, stopped sleeping, got weak and dizzy, lost his mind
What does Polonius say to do to him if he is wrong? Chop off his head
What plan did Polonius come up with? Hamlet walks around the lobby a lot, so next time he will send Ophelia and he and the king will watch behind the tapestry
What does Hamlet think of Polonius? What does he talk about? Does not know him, thinks he sells fish / daughters walking in public and getting pregnant, his book that wrongly writes about old men and their characteristics
How did Hamlet feel about seeing Rosencrantz and Guildenstern? What did they say about luck? Happy / R and G are just lucky enough but not too lucky, Hamlet calls Lady Luck a slut
What does Hamlet compare Denmark to? Why? A prison / bad dreams, trapped, being spied on?
What does Hamlet think of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern being around? He thinks they were sent to spy on him
What does Hamlet say about humans? A perfect invention that is the most beautiful, but they don’t interest him
What changed things for the acting troupe that Hamlet liked in the city? Child actors who yell out their lines and receive applause, society types don’t come anymore out of fear of being mocked
Why does Hamlet say Claudius and Gertrude are wrong about him? He is only crazy sometimes, other times he knows what is what
What does Polonius say about the actors? They are the best in the world
How does Hamlet receive the actors? He welcomes them warmly and asks Polonius to make sure they get treated better than they deserve and that they are treated with honor and dignity
Who sings? What does Hamlet request from the actors immediately? How does he tell them which one? Hamlet / a speech / he begins reciting it
What play does Hamlet want the players to perform? What does he ask to add? The Murder of Gonzago / a speech that is 12-16 lines
What did Hamlet comment about the actor’s performance? He forced his soul to feel made-up feelings (became pale, shed tears, voice broke)
What does Hamlet say about himself? He’s not courageous, coward, an ass
What is Hamlet’s plan for the play? Heard that artistry of scenes can drive people to confess, he’ll have actors perform a scene similar to his father’s death and probe his conscious to see if he flinches, he needs to uncover his conscious so that he has more proof than the ghost which may be the devil in disguise

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