Hamlet Act IV

Behind the arras hearing something stir… The unseen good old man Gertrude to the King. He heard something behind the arras and instantly takes out his sword and yells a rat and kills the good old man he can’t see
Ay Sir, the soaks up the King’s countenance, his rewards his authorities… it is but squeezing you, and sponge you shall be dry again Hamlet to Rosencrantz and Guildenstern. You are like sponges to the king, he uses you up and then leaves you dry and you gain nothing
Not where he eat but where a’ is eaten…. Hamlet to Claudius. He isn’t eating, he is being eaten by worms
How all occasions do inform against me… Be but to sleep and feed? A beast, no more Hamlet to himself. This has showed me that I should get my full revenge quicky! People are just beasts when all they do is sleep and eat
Witness this army of such mass and charge… What is mortal and unsure Hamlet to himself. Look at this delicate prince who bravely leads this army to risk their lives
I hope all be well… My brother shall know of it… Ophelia to Claudius. I hope everything will turn out okay. We have to be patient. I cry when I think of my dad’s body being laid in the cold ground, my brother will hear about this
O my dear Gertrude… Gives me superfluous death Claudius to Gertrude. I feel like I am being murder over and over again.
How came he dead?… Most thoroughly for my father Laertes to Claudius. How did he die? Don’t mess with me. I am no longer loyal to you, vows can go to hell. I don’t care if I’m damned in this world and the next, I will revenge my father
On the instant they got clear of our ship, so I alone became their prisoner Horatio reading the letter from hamlet carried by the sailors. Instantly they left our ship behind and I became their only prisoner
O for two special reasons… But yet to me they’re strong Claudius to Laertes. For two main reasons that you may not see as strong but they are to me
And for his death no wind of blame shall breathe… And call it accident Claudius to Laertes. When he dies no one will be blamed, even his mother will think it an accident
Was your father dear to you?… A face without a heart? Claudius to Laertes. Did you love your father or is sorrow just giving you an illusion?

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