Hamlet Act III

What do Rosencrantz and Guildenstern report to Polonius? Hamlet is not eager to talk about how he is feeling.
What plan do Polonius, Claudius, and Ophelia now put into action? Set Ophelia up to run into Hamlet and see what his reaction is and what he says while the rest of them spy on them
What is the nature of Hamlet’s soliloquy, lines 57-91? He is contemplating the whether or not to commit suicide.
What is Hamlet’s main argument against suicide? He doesn’t know what will happen after.
Why does Hamlet treat Ophelia as Cruelly as he does? What has changed him? He knows that Polonius and Claudius are listening.
At the end of this scene, what does the King decide to do with Hamlet? Send him to England
What qualities in Horatio cause Hamlet to enlist his assistance? Honesty, Scholarly, and he is the one that told him about his fathers ghost
What does Hamlet ask Horatio to do? Spy on Claudius
Summarize what happens in the play-within-a-play A man is poisoned, his lover marries the killer.
Why does Hamlet refer to the play-within-a-play as “The Mouse Trap”? He used it to catch Claudius as he looked guilty when he realized what it was about.
What is the King’s reaction to the play? He got upset and left
In lines 354-363, to what object does Hamlet refer to himself as? A flute
As Hamlet goes to his mother at the end of this scene, what does he say he’ll do? Let her know how he really feels about her marrying his uncle.
What does Claudius plan to do with Rosencrantz and Guildenstern and Hamlet? Send them to England
What is Polonius going to do while Hamlet speaks with his mother? Spies on them
Three important things about Claudius’ soliloquy *He wants to go to heaven, but isn’t done committing the crime. *Allusion to Cain*Kept him alive because Hamlet wants to kill him but Hamlet doesn’t want him to go to heaven.
Why is it odd that Hamlet sees the King praying? Hamlet thinks of his uncle as a monster, and monsters don’t pray.
Why doesn’t Hamlet take this opportunity for revenge? He doesn’t want Claudius to go to heaven.
Describe Polonius’ advice to Gertrude He told her to be more strict with Hamlet
What is the significance of the following quote, “How now, a rat? Dead! For a ducat, dead!” Polonius is like a rat because he is always sneaking around and most people don’t have a hard time killing rodents, and Hamlet felt no remorse when he killed Polonius.
What is odd about the following quote, “A bloody dead; almost as bad, good mother, as kill a king and marry with his brother.”? It is a verbal stab to Hamlet’s mother about her marrying his uncle.
Why might Queen Gertrude say, “What have I done, that thou dar’st wag thy tongue in noise so rude against me.” She’s trying to rationalize with him and tell him that she doesn’t deserve to be killed too.
What descriptions does Hamlet use to compare his father and his uncle? King Hamlet- Greek godClaudius- mildewed ear of corn
What point does Hamlet make by comparing the men? She couldn’t have done it out of love because she is too old to love any man.
What stops Hamlet’s ranting and raving at Gertrude? What does this figure tell Hamlet? It is his fathers ghost, and he tells him to speak to his mother calmly.
By the end of the act, Hamlet has made many statements about humanity, in general. Explain a few of his points. Do his opinions reflect his madness? Lies are found in your closest relationships, it works both ways.
Explain the differences between the ghost in Act I and the ghost in Act III. Why might these differences reflect Hamlet’s insanity? The fact that only Hamlet can see the ghost in Act III only adds to his insanity. In Act I, everyone could see the ghost so it was easily believable.

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