Hamlet Act III

apoplexed paralyzed
assay tempt
barren empty headed
bloat fat
chide to scold, reprimand
cutpurse thief
idle foolish
rood cross
Translate:To be, or not to be? That is the question—Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to sufferThe slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,Or to take arms against a sea of troubles,And, by opposing, end them? To die, to sleep—No more—and by a sleep to say we end to be alive or not alive that is the question is it better to just sufferthe weapons that life throws at you or fight back against the bad things and by fighting back die. To die is to sleepno more living
what is the significance of the first close reading Hamlet no longer is thinking about religion. He doesn’t really care if there is an afterlife anymore. He is now wanting suicide and we question if he has really slipped into insanity or if he is only saying these things because he wants to put on a show and make them think he is insane.
why is hamlet rethinking suicide he is questioning if he kills himself to get away from the nightmares of reality like loss and heartbreak if there will be worse sufferings that you have to deal with once you die. he says that the only reason people don’t kill themselves is because they are scared of what may come in the afterlife.
Where does Hamlet tell Ophelia to go? nunnery (two meanings, whorehouse or be a nun since no one will love you but god because maybe she isn’t a virgin anymore)
what is king claudius worried about? if hamlet knows that he killed king hamlet
where does king claudius want to send hamlet? and what is his excuse going to be for sending him? england, his excuse will be that he needs to collect the money that england owes them
what does hamlet want horatio to do during the play watch the king to see if he flinches while the actors act out the scene of the king dying
how does hamlet know the king is guilty he stands up during the play
what does hamlet rename the play The mouse trap
is the king guilty or innocent guilty
what does hamlet want guildenstern to do? why? he asks him to play the recorder because it should be as easy as lying. Hamlet knows that his childhood friends are lying to him and he calls them out for it
how does hamlet want to hurt his mom? with his words, no matter how much he wants to kill her, he will do it with words instead because the ghost told him to still care for his mom
why does polonius listen to hamlet and the queens conversation to make sure the queen doesn’t take her sons side
How does Polonius die? Polonius is in the Queen’s room while she and Hamlet are talking. The queen calls for help because she thinks hamlet is attacking her and Polonius exposes himself. Hamlet runs through the tapestry with his sword (actually thinking Claudius might be there), killing Polonius.
why does hamlet feel bad for killing polonius because he thought it was claudius
why is it significant that the queen can’t see the ghost because this is another part where hamlet may be going insane. up to this point everyone has been able to see the ghost except her.
what does hamlet beg his mom not to do to go sleep with king claudius and not tell him that hamlet knows that he was the killer
what does hamlet want his mom to do beg for forgiveness so that she doesn’t end up going to hell
who is going to send hamlet to england rozencrantz and guildnestern
Translate: What if this cursèd handWere thicker than itself with brother’s blood?Is there not rain enough in the sweet heavensTo wash it white as snow?My words fly up, my thoughts remain belowwords without thoughts never to heaven go what if this guilty handwere twice its size in my brothers bloodis there not enough forgiveness in God to forgive me of my sinsI’m asking for forgiveness but my true feelings remain in hellwords without meaning never get accepted by heaven
what is the significance of close reading number 2 hamlet should have just killed him because it shows that he really didn’t mean what he said. If hamlet would have stayed to see that he didn’t really ask for forgiveness then he would have seen claudius’s true nature

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