Hamlet Act II

what is the description of Hamlet’s behavior bu Ophelia? What is the dramatic value of having Hamlet tell us he may “put on an antic disposition” and doing os come close together? Frighten Ophelia with his appearance. He was acting crazy, but is not actually crazy, its all just an act. He is implamenting his act very quickly
How does Polonius react to the news of Hamlet’s strange behavior? He believes it is because he is crazy in love wit Phelps and wants to tell the king and queen
What evidence of Hamlet’s affections for Ophelia exists? Hamlet’s letters to Ophelia
What trait of Polonius is revealed by his plan to pay on his son? What does it reveal about Laertes? Polonius’ deceit and mistrustful nature and that Laertes is a mystery
How is the problem of young Fortinbras solved? What concession has Norway made to quiet young Fortinbras? The king gave him permission to go to Poland with a generous allowance, asking to pass through Denmark
What expectation does Polonius give for Hamlet’s apparent insanity? Why would the King prefer this explanation to be true? Tells the king and Queen that hamlet has gone mad over being gin love with Ophelia. The wouldn’t want to think that Hamlet knows what he did
Who are Rosencrantz and Guildenstern? Why has the king summoned them? They are Hamlet’s longtime friends from school. Th king summoned them to spy on Hamlet to find out why he’s going crazy, what is wrong with him
What plan doe Polonius concoct to prove that Hamlet is mad for love of Ophelia? Polonius plans to have Ophelia walk into a room where Hamlet is and just have it be the two of them alone together while Polonius and Claudius spy on them from another Odom to see how Hamlet acts around her
In Act I, scene 5, Hamlet said, “It is an honest ghost.” Yet in this scene he says “The spirit that I have seen may be the devil.” What has evidently happened as Hamlet has thought about the strange events? Hamlet I starting to think that the ghost that had visited him may not have been his father and could just be an evil spirit in disguise
Why does hamlet want to hear the passage about Hecuba? Hecuba responded with true sorrow to hr husbands death, but his mother didn’t. That’s how a wife should respond

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