Hamlet Act II

“By indirections find directions out” -telling Reynaldo to spread rumors about Laertes in order to find out what he’s doing-Polonius is nosy and always wants to be in control
“that’s not my meaning but breathe his fault so quaintly” introducing the watch the face motif
“my lord, as i was sewing in my closet Lord Hamlet…” -appearance vs reality -either hamlet went to her seeming crazy because he knew she would tell her father OR he told her and now she’s a part of his master plan
“I doubt it is no other but the main — his father’s death and our o’erhasty marriage” gertrude knows what’s wrong with hamlet but she doesn’t do anything
Old Uncle caught young Fortinbras taking advantage of him -he rebukes him but then just rewards him with commission to employ soldiers and 3000 crowns-Claudius is not perceptive to this situation
“Though this be madness, yet there is method in’t” Polonius realizes Hamlet is using his words but he is still oblivious to the fact that he is being insulted
“and tediousness the limbs and the outward flourishes, i will be brief” Irony – after 12 lines of wordiness, polonius finally gets to the point – he lacks brevity
words as art and decoration motif
“whilst this machine is to him” hamlet sees darkness and foresees his death
Hamlet’s letter to Ophelia -he appears to love Ophelia but does he really-maybe he wrote it because he knew polonius would read it and it will help keep up his act of being mad
“What do you think of me?” Polonius wants:-the King’s approval-wants validation-sets himself up to seem credible
“You know sometimes he walks four hours together” -insight to Hamlet’s mind-shows he has no purpose
“you are a fish monger” Hamlet is basically calling Polonius Ophelia’s pimp
“let her not walk in the sun. Conception is a blessing, but not as your daughter may conceive” -hamlet is saying what if she is already tainted but polonius doesn’t understand
“words, words, words” words as art motif
The Love Letter painting art within art-creates a reflection
The Mirror play within a play that creates reflection
the play Hamlet wants the actors to change the Murder of Ganzago to end the way Claudius killed Hamlet Sr.- to make Claudius paranoid
“O, what a rogue and peasant slave am I!” Hamlet soliloquy #2

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