At what time does this scene begin? At what time does it end? The scene begins at midnight and ends at the start of morning.
What mood does this first scene suggest! Something bad might happen because the scene is dark and gloomy.
Shakespeare often uses his opening scenes to provide important background information. What do you learn in this scene about current conditions in Denmark? You learn that Denmark is on the verge of war, Old Hamlet is dead, Old Fortinbras is dead, and Denmark is in a period of transition between kings.
Give at least two adjectives that describe Horatio. He is scholarly, brave, and loyal.
What does Claudius accomplish in his opening speech? What sort of a leader does Claudius appear to be? He wants to take care of matters at hand, and he explains his hasty marriage. He seems to be a good politician but not a good leader, so he isn’t really fit to be a king.
How does Claudius treat Hamlet differently than Laertes? Why does he treat Hamlet this way? Claudius allows Laertes to go to France, but he wants Hamlet to stay because he wants to keep his enemies closer. He does this to force Hamlet to move on from his father.
Drawing from his first three lines in the play, give one initial impression of Hamlet. Hamlet is quick-witted, good with words, clever, distrustful, cynical, and distraught.
What theme is introduced by Hamlet’s line “Seems, madam? Nay it is. I know not ‘seems'” Hostility
In each of his soliloquies, Hamlet reveals himself in a personal way to the audience. What do you learn about him from the soliloquy beginning, “O that this too too sallied flesh” We learn that Hamlet would commit suicide to escape his sadness over his father’s death if it weren’t a sin. He hates Claudius and thinks his mother is weak.
What is the relationship between Hamlet and Horatio? Horatio is Hamlet’s most trusted confidante, very similar to servitude because Horatio is low class and Hamlet is a prince.
At the end of the scene, what does Hamlet resolve to do? He decides to go to the platform during witching hour.
Who gives advice to whom in this scene? What is the tone and content of the advice? Laertes and Polonius give advice to Ophelia. it is very commanding because they order her not to get attached to Hamlet because he can’t marry her.
How does Ophelia behave toward Laertes and Polonius? Ophelia is very respectful to Laertes and Polonius’s wishes of her in her relationship with Hamlet. She says that she will obey their orders.
How does Hamlet respond to the ghost? What does this reaction suggest about him? Hamlet is very willing to follow the ghost, which says that he is gullible and wishful.
What is the significance of Marcellus’ statement, “something is rotten in the state of denmark”? Something isn’t right at Elsinore and something bad might happen soon. Foreshadowing coming events.
Identify the mood of these scenes. Dangerous and mysterious
What does the ghost tell Hamlet? What does the ghost command Hamlet to do? The ghost tells Hamlet that Claudius poisoned him what he was sleeping in the orchard. He asks Hamlet to avenge his death on Claudius.
Identify at least two of Hamlet’s feelings after the ghost’s departure. Hamlet vows to avenge Lord Hamlet’s death on Claudius.
What is Hamlet revealing by these lines “As I perchance hereafter shall think meet/To put an anti disposition on”? The ghost and Hamlet will meet again
How do Hamlet’s closing lines: “The time is out of join. O cursed spite/That ever I was born to set it right” suggest his personal conflict? Hamlet shouldn’t disobey Claudius because his wrongdoing would have a major effect on the country of Denmark, for which Hamlet is heir to the throne.
Identify at least two different moods Hamlet displays in scenes IV and V. Hesitance and persistence.

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