Hamlet Act I

After the ghost enters in scene i, whom does Barnado say it resembles? The late king Hamlet
What does the ghost do just after the cock crows It disappears
Near the end of scene I, what does Horacio predict the ghost will do in Hamlet’s presence? Speak to him
In what way were King Hamlet and Claudius related? Brothers
In scene II, king Claudius notes the general mourning for the late king Hamlet. Who married soon after King Hamlet’s funeral? Gertrude (Hamlet’s mother) & Claudius – his uncle
Claudius advises Hamlet to put aside the grief and notes that the “death of fathers” is an experience every person must accept. How does the king then ask Hamlet to think of him? As his father
Queen Gertrude asks Hamlet to remain in Denmark rather than return to school in Wittenberg. With what words does Hamlet answer her? He won’t return to school to PLEASE his mother
Horatio and his two friends inform Hamlet of the ghost’s appearance, and Hamlet questions them about the ghost’s face, eyes, and beard. What does Hamlet then say he will do that night if “it assume my noble father’s person” He’ll talk to it – no matter what
In scene iii, Laertes informs Ophelia that hamlet’s choice of a wife will affect many people. Upon what does Laertes say Hamlet’s choice depends? His choice will be determined by what is best for Denmark
At the end of scene iii, Polonius discourages Ophelia’s interest in Hamlet. What is her response to her father’s injunction not to spend time with Hamlet? She says that she will obey
In scene iv, the ghost appears before Hamlet, Horatio, and Marcellus. According to Horatio, why might the ghost be beckoning to Hamlet To lead him to harm
In scene v, the ghost informs Hamlet that he was murdered. According to the ghost, who was the murderer? Claudius
After the ghost describes the murderer, he cries out, “o, horrible! O, horrible! Most horrible!” What two things does he then ask Hamlet to do, if Hamlet “has nature” in him? Avenge his foul & most unnatural murder
Which of the ghost’s words does hamlet repeat after the ghost has gone and just before the arrival of his two friends? Adeu, Adeu remember me
At hamlet’s insistence his friends twice swear to keep secret what they saw. Hamlet then takes them aside a third time to swear secrecy. What does Hamlet imply about how he might behave in the future? With an antic disposition

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