Hamlet Act 5

What do the clowns think Ophelia did? committed suicide.
“Adam’s Profession”? grave digger
Who builds something stronger than the mason, shipwright, or carpenter? Gallows Maker, his creation outlives 1000 tenants. grave digger, people use his creation for eternity.
Whose skull do they discover? Yorick’s skull, the courts gester.
What famous line does hamlet tell horatio about the skull? “Alas poor Yorick, I knew him Horatio.”
What 2 things do Hamlet’s ramblings remind us of? church/religion, and polonius’ claim.
What is the Queen doing when she says: “Sweets to the Sweet.”? Why ironic? She is giving Ophelia flowers, Ironic because Ophelia died while picking flowers.
Who leaps in the grave? Laertes.
Who jumps in the grave next? Hamlet.
What weapons will be used in the dual? Rapier and Dagger.
What is the king willing to bet? 6 horses against 4 french swords.
How many hits does the king think Laertes will score? 3.
Who scores first blood? Hamlet.
Who drinks to Hamlet? Result? The Queen, she is poisoned.
When Laertes scores a hit on Hamlet, what happens to the swords? They switch blades.
Now who scores a hit? What Happens? Hamlet, Laertes is poisoned.
what does Laertes confess to Hamlet? the whole plot, He poisoned him.
Who does Laertes blame? The king.
What news does the ambassadors bring about Guildenstern and Rosencrantz? They are dead.
What honor does Fortinbras give Hamlet? A soldiers burial.
Who is the only character besides Fortinbras who survives? Horatio.

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