Hamlet Act 5

Why is there Debate surronding the nature of Ophelia’s funeral people thought she commited suicide (against catholic church)
How long has he gravedigger been sexton and when did he first become employed since hamlet was born
What joking insult to the English does Shakespeare put into the gravediggers dialogue,regarding Hamlets madness The english are crazy(like Hamlet) they wont get there sense back
What cause does Laertes ascribe to Ophelias madness,which led to her death The death of her father
What prompts Hamlets outburst at Ophelias graveside He gets mad(jealous) at Laertes for greving
What order did Claudius letter,carries by Guildenstren and Rosencrantz,convey to the English regarding Hamlets fate To excute Hamet
How does Hamlets justify his counterfit command that Rosencrantz and Guildenstren are to be murdered by the English He said they should be excuted since they were willing to do the same to him
In his apology to Laertes,what does Hamlet mean when he says,”I have shot my arrow o’er the house and hurt my brother” He didnt mean to kill Polonius(it was an accident)
Why does Hamlet forbid Horatio to drink the rest of the poisoned cup He wants him to tell his story
Who will ascend to power as the new King of Denmark Fortinbras

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