Hamlet act 5

What does hamlet find offensive about the behavior of the gravedigger? Singing while he’s digging up a grave
As the gravedigger tosses bones about, hamlet speculates about whose bones they were. List the various kinds of people whose death hamlet discusses Politician, kings courtier, lawyer, Cain
What do you think is Shakespeares purpose in having hamlet go through this painful sequence of thought? Preparing him for Ophelia death
What ironic discovery does he then make? Discussion of death is leading up to his own
What causes the fight between Hamlet and Laertes at Ophelia’s grave? Hamlet couldn’t tolerate Laertes display so he speak out against it (hamlet tries to show them the truth), Laertes is acting out, Laertes blames hamlet for everything
According to hamlets account to Horatio, what events transpired the night before his escape to the pirate ship? Hamlet sneaks in rosencrantz and guildenstern room and steals the letter from the king (killed as soon as he stepped off) he wrote new letter. (England to kill rosencrantz and guildenstern) and sealed it with his fathers signet ring.
How does the poison get into the cup? The pearl was poisoned that Claudius put in the cup
Why, in the duel, does Laertes perform so poorly that Claudius offers hamlet the poisoned drink after the first round? Hamlets apology makes him rethink the plan (should he kill hamlet or not) Laertes is not acting quickly enough and won’t go through with the plan.
Why does Horatio attempt to drink from the poisoned cup? How does Hamlet convince him not to? He was his best friend and he couldn’t watch what was happening (when master dies, subject dies with him). To stay alive and tell the story (only one to know the truth)
In the few minutes that he is King, what does Hamlet accomplish? Makes fortinbras the new king of Denmark

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