Hamlet Act 4 vocab

unction shallow seriousness in speech or manner
sanctuarize to make holy
impostune an abscess
ostentation the act of pretending to be better than one really is
heaves profound rising and falling
superfluous far exceeding what is needed
arras a tapestry that is hung on a wall
requite vengeful retaliation
pendant drooping down
cataplasm to cover over
convocation a meeting of clergy
pestilent a highly contagious and deadly disease
pleurisy a painful inflammation of the tissues that surround the lungs
cicatrice a scar or other mark on the body that resembles a scar
Switzers palace guards
hatchment a panel used to display a deceased person’s coat of arms
conjectures a conclusion made by guessing
envenom to make poisonous
brainish impulsive or quarrelsome
replication is not used replication is not used

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