Hamlet Act 3 Quotes

the body is with the king but the king is not with the body. The king is a thing-of nothing hamlet to rosencrantz and guildenstern Claudius isnt really the king Polonius is with Claudius because they are both in the castle but Claudius isnt with Polonius because he cant find him. King Hamlet is dead so he no longer the king. Polonius is with kIng Hamlet because they are both dead but King Hamlet isnt with Polonius because he is stuck in the in between
so again good night. i must be cruel only to be kind; thus begins, and worse remains behind hamlet to Gertrude saying the he most be cruel to her and act this way so that it can have a better ending
o my offense is rank. it smells to heaven. it hath the primal cure upon’t a brother’s murder Claudius confession that the worst crime/curse comes from killing your own brother
Get thee to a nunnery! why wouldst thou be a breeder of sinners Hamlet to ophelia get her convent so she cant have any kids because everyone is a sinner
the lady doth protests too much, me thinks gertrude to hamlet saying that the queen in the play is overexaggeratting and not being true because she could never really keep that promise to her husband
we are oft to blame in this (tis too much proved), that woth devotion’s visage and pious action we sugar o’er the devil himself Polonius to Claudius we try to use religion but in reality we are acting like the devils
let it work, for ’tis the sport to have the enginer hoist with his own petard. and’t shall go hard, but i will delve one yard below their minds, and blow them to the moon Hamlet to Gertrude that he really knows what Rosencrantz and Guildenstern plan for him and he is going to blow it up from the inside by killing them before they can get the chance to kill him
now could i drink hot blood and do such bitter business as the day would quake to look on hamlet to himself. he finally is ready to kill but he kills the wrong person
O, I am slain Polonius to himself he has been stabbed/killed he is never brief but in his last words he is finally brief
O, woe is me t’ see what I have seen, and see what I see Ophelia to herself pity me what I have seen in the past of Hamlet and to see what he has turn into is just awful

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