Hamlet Act 3

What has Hamlet asked Rosencrantz and Guildenstern to request of Claudius and Gertrude? He asked to have the king and queen attend the performance
What clue do we get that the king is indeed guilty of murder? his reaction to the play, agreeing to himself. covering up a dirty deed.
Why is Ophelia returning the keepsakes, or gifts, that Hamlet had given her? Because they don’t mean anything, and because he’d didn’t mean what he said when he gave them
Why does Hamlet order Ophelia to become a nun? So that no one else will take her, stay a virgin
After Hamlet leaves what does Ophelia mourn the loss of? Hamlet’s mind and sanity, who he had used to be
Why does the King decide to send Hamlet away to England? What does Claudius think is wrong with him? Because his madness isn’t caused by love, and Claudius thinks he is upset about his father
What does Hamlet ask Horatio to do?
What does Hamlet see as “brief”
What his the name of the play? Why is this a fitting title for the play? “The Mousetrap” Its fitting because he’s trying to trap King Claudius
How does the King respond to the play? He rises and asks for lights and leaves the area
What does Hamlet accuse Rosencrantz and Guildenstern of? Lying
How does Hamlet decide to act when he goes to see his mother? He’s not going to harm her physically, but he will yell at her a lot
What will Polonius do when Hamlet goes to see Gertrude? Hide behind a curtain and spy
In Claudius’ soliloquy, what is the conflict he describes himself in? He’s guilty, and now he handles his guilt and forgiveness
Why can’t Hamlet kill Claudius now? Because Claudius is forgiving his sins and Hamlet wants to kill him when he is sinning so that he won’t go to heaven
When does Hamlet decide he will kill the king? When he is sinning so that he won’t go to heaven
Why does Hamlet want his mother to look in the mirror? To see the most inner part of her soul and let her find her soul
What does Hamlet accuse his mother of?
Why has the ghost come?
What does Hamlet mean when he says “I must be cruel to be kind”
What does Hamlet mean when he says “It’s fun to see the solider blown to bits with its own bomb”?

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