Hamlet Act 3 1-15 vocab

Turbulent being in a wild or disordered stateThe recession is going to cause turbulent times for families who are already struggling to pay their bills
Affront to do or say something that shows a lack of respectMany people find that sleeping in a play to be an affront towards the performers.
Espial the action of watching or catching sight of something or someone or the fact of being seenThe espial is hired by Hamlet to infiltrate Claudius’ secrets
Pious deeply religiousRunning around naked at a church is not a pious thing to do
Calamity an event causing great and often sudden damage or distress; a disasterThe recession is a great calamity that affected many people.
Insolence rude or disrespectful behaviorHer insolence tone made her re-think what she said
Spurn to reject; turn downMany employers spurn job applications that are submitted by ages younger than 16
Quietus death or something that causes death, regarded as a release from lifeKing Hamlet received his quietus from the hands of his dirty brother Claudius
Bodkin a small pointed instrument used to pierce cloth or leatherIt would be a pain to step on a bodkin
Pith the essence of somethingHer art works contain the pith of the modern ages
Awry away from the appropriate, planned, or expected coursewhen they released the serial killer from prison, the justice system has gone awry.
Orison a prayerThe orison goes to church every sundays
Inoculate treat a person or anime w/ vaccine to produce immunity against a diseaseThere should be a vaccine that inoculate patients against cancer
Knave a dishonest individualClaudius is a knave who does not understand morality
Calumny a false statement made to damage someone’s reputation the best way to defend yourself against calumny is by ignoring what other’s say

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