Hamlet act 2 quotes and meanings

“what forgeries you may please. marry, none so rank as may dishonor him” POLONIUS TO REYNALDO-manipulating reynaldo to spy on Laertes out of protection of his own self image -doesn’t want him to say anything that will hurt his reputation
“As are companions noted and most known, youth to liberty” POLONIUS TO REYNALDO-gives reynaldo permission to discredit Laertes-things that young people may do when given freedom
” you bate of falsehood takes this carp of truth” POLONIUS TO REYNALDO-metaphor -ploy to get truth of the matter
“my lord as i was seeing in my closet, lord hamlet, with his doublet unbraced” OPHELIA TO POLONIUS-periodic sentences-emotional distress
“Mad for thy Love?” POLONIUS TO OPHLIA -does not comfort her-jumps to conclusions -not father-like, self centered
“And with his other hand thus o’er his brow, he falls to such perusal of my face as he would draw it, long stayed he so” OPHELIA TO POLONIUS-exhortation of pain -hamlet leaves the room looking back at her -different interpretations
“That hath made him mad” POLONIUS TO OPHLIA -leads to further plot development of the play -justifies his decision
“this must be known, which being kept close might move more grief to hide than hate to utter love” POLONIUS TO OPHLIA -slant rhyme & Couplet – cause more trouble if kept secret
“what should it be more than his fathers death that thus hath put him so much from th’ understanding himself” CLAUDIUS TO ROS & GUILD- doesn’t want to help hamlet, just wants to make sure he isn’t onto him
” you visitation shall receive such thanks as fits a kings remembrance” GERTRUDE TO ROS & GUILD-bribing them
“Dear Rosencrantz and guildenstern” POLONIUS TO ROS & GUILD-king isn’t interested in them at all just what they can do for them-doesn’t separate them
“Heavens make our presence and our practices, pleasant and helpful to him” GUILD TO CLAUDIUS AND GERTRUDE -apostrophe
“My news shall be fruit to the that great feast” POLONIUS TO CLADIUS-wants the ambassadors to speak of fortinbras and then his news can be like the dessert
“And at our more considered time well read” CLUADIUS TO VOLTEMAND – wants to talk about the big news it later because he’s obsessed with hamlet
“therefore, since the brevity of thy should is wit” POLONIUS TO CLAUD AND GERT-drags it on after saying briefness is important
“More matter, less art” GERT TO POLONIUS-queen asks him to get to the point
“to the celestial and my shouls idol, the most beautified ophelia” POLONIUS TO GET AND CLAUD -hamlets letter -betrays daughter by reading it
“What do you think of me” POLONIUS TO CLAUD-wants affirmation
“I would fain prove so, but what might you think when i have seen the hot love on this wing” POLONIUS TO GERT AND CLAUD-anaphora
“Excellent well, your a fish monger’ HAMLET TO POLONIUS-antic disposition-acts crazy but manages to insult him
“Have you a daughter”.. “Let her not walk in the sun, conception is a blessing but as your daughter may conceive” HAMLET TO POLONIUS-dont let her see the truth -play on words □ May be suggesting let her not be near me □ Hamlets way of teling polonius that she may be pregnant
Why does hamlet result to pros and not iambic pentameter? – distinguishes himself from polonius- not speaking in a well ejected manner to seem crazy – so polonius does the same in return
“how pregnant sometimes his replies are” POLONIUS -aside with hamlet -pregnant- meaningful
“You cannot sire, take form me anything i will more willingly part withal- except my life, except my life, except my life” HAMLET TO POLONIUS – tricolon
“Then i would you were so honest a man” HAMLET TO POLONIUS –
” happy, in that we are not over happy, in fortunes cap we are not the very button” GUILD TO HAMLET – personification
” My excellent goo friends, How doubt thou Guildentern. Ah rosencrantz! God lads, how do you both?” HAMLET TO GUILD AND ROS-switches from you to thou-shows he’s skeptical -hamlet speak in pros to get on their level because they aren’t ver intelligent -class distinction
“Faith her privates we” GUILD TO HAMLET – speaking about the female body -lowerclass, common folk – hamlet goes along with it
“There is nothing neither good or bad but thinning makes it so, to me it is prison” HAMLET TO ROS AND GUILD-hamlet recognizes his own potential for overthinking -talks about a person perception
“to what end my lord” ROSEN TO HAMLET -We know hamlets upset because their friendship has been tarnished-
” What a piece of work is a man” HAMLET TO ROS AND GUILD – monologue -philisophical -prose discusses man and women – rosen and guild have no understanding of the philosophy
“the actors are on their way” ROSEN TO HAMLET -important plot development -play within play
“I am but mad north north west. when the wind is southerly i know a hawk from a handsaw” HAMLET TO ROS AND GUILD-warning them of his behavior
“the actors have arrived my lord” POLONIUS TO HAMLET -old news wants to make a deal of it
“Oh jeptha judge of Israel” HAMLET TO POL- allusion to biblical story -Jeptha sacrifices his daughter to win the battle – hamlet’s way condemning Polonius for usin Ophelia, bt Polonius doesn’t get it-(insisting she break off the relationship)
Why does hamlet speak in pros when he addresses the players? – bringing himself to their level not condescendingly
“come give us a taste of your quality, come a passionate speech” HAMLET TO PLAYERS
“the rugged pyrus” HAMLET TO PLAYERS – mythological illusion
“this is too long” POLONIUS TO HAMLET –
“it shall to the barber with tis beard- prithee say on, he’s for a jig or a tale of bawdry, or he sleeps. say on. come on huebeca” HAMLET TO POLONIUS AND FIRST PLAYER – hamlet is stabbing at Polonius again-tells them not to pay attention to Polonius
“that great baby you see there is not yet out of swaddling clouts” HAM TO ROS AND GUILD- big baby is still in diapers- speaking of polonius
“So after Pyrrhus pause aroused vengeance sets him a new work” HAMLET TO POLONIUS-mythological illusion
“look where he has not turned his color and has tears in his eyes- prithee no more” POLONIUS TO HAMLET -entrhalled that he bodies it so intently-almost too dramatic -wants actor to stop
“for they are abstract and brief chronicles of time” HAMLET TO POLONIUS- saying that what they say in their act will later go down in history-commentary on art
“oh what rogue and peasant slave i am” HAMLET -soliloquy-curses himself, says he’s a lowlife
“Had he the motive and que for passion that i have?” HAMLET s – wondering what the actor would preform if his feelings were genuine
“he would drown the stage with tears and cleave the general ear with horrid speech” HAMLET s-hyperbole
“and cleave the general ear with horrid speech” HAMLET s-synedochy- people wouldn’t want to hear anymore
” who calls me villain? breaks my pate across? plucks off my beard and blows it in my face” HAMLET s- invasions himself being confused that he hasn’t avenged his fathers death
” a dammed defeat was made” HAMLET s- alliteration – sound of anger
“i am pigion livered and lack gull HAMLET s- calling himself a coward
“I should have fatted all the region kites with this slaves awful” HAMLET s- he would have killed claudis and let the birds eat him -connotation of slave
” about my brain– Hum i have heard the guilty creators sitting at a play…” HAMLET s- ceasura – they become nervous and get a guilty conscience
“Why what an ass i am, this is most brave, that i , the son of my father murdered prompted to my revenge by heaven…” HAMLET s- recognizes his short comings
” the plays the thing where in ill catch the conscious of the king” HAMLET S- couplet- c alliteration- determination-theme of action

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