Hamlet Act 2 Quiz

why did Polonius sends Reynaldo to Par To spy on his son Laertes. He wants to double check that he is an honest man not getting into to trouble.
what does Polonius wants Reynaldo to ask the Dansk Polonius tells Reynaldo to tell them that he somewhat knows Laertes that he kinda knows his father and he makes up stories about Laertes partying to see if he did (nothing to offensive to not shame him). He basically asks about Laertes as if he didn’t know him to see their opinion.
Be able to recall what happened in Ophelia’s closet and what she tells her fat Hamlet ran into the closet screaming her name and grabbed her by the wrists. She tells her father that Hamlet is going crazy and Polonius thinks that it’s because his heart is broken
what does Polonius wants to tell the King and Queen He wants to tell them that Hamlet is mad and he also wants to tell them what happened in the closet with Ophelia.
explain Polonius’ plan that the King agrees with The king agrees to hide behind a tapestry with Polonius and let Ophelia talk with Hamlet and see what happens
why Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are in Denmark, and what is their relationship to Hamlet. They’re sent for by the king and queen to find out what is bothering Hamlet and making him seem crazy. They are childhood friends of Hamlet
What news did Voltemand and Cornelius bring from Norway The king of Norway will tell Fortenbras to stand down if he is allowed safe passage through Denmark to Poland.
what young Fortinbras will now do instead of attack Denmark Swore he will never again attack the Danes. King urged him to attack the Poles instead with the army he had assemble
What does old Fortinbras ask of Claudius? He asks for safe passage through Denmark to Poland
What kind of letter does Hamlet send to Ophelia? A Love letter
What does Hamlet compare Denmark to? He compares it to a prison because of all the suffering he’s going through.
Understand why the traveling of the “tragedians of the city” isn’t good The actors have a good name and business in the city. There is no point of having the actors of tragedy travel if they are doing well here in the city.
Understand what happens in the lines recited between Hamlet and the First Player Hamlet demands a speech of the fall of troy and death of the Trojan King and Queen
Know why “mobled queen” is significant. Polonius likes the expression because it sounds nice, not because he knows what it means, proves Polonius’s stupidity
What does Hamlet ask of the players? To put on a play for King Claudius and Queen Gertrude similar to King Hamlet’s death to see if they will react to it. And to stay the night to do this play tomorrow
Know what Hamlet says in his soliloquy at the end of Act II. He creates his plan to see if he must kill Claudius. His plan is to make a play that recreates what the ghost told him happened in the murder and if Claudius reacts he will kill him. If he shows signs of guilt*

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