Hamlet Act 2

Where does Polonius send Renaldo? France, to spy on Laertes
Who are Hamlet’s two childhood friends? Rosencrantz and Guildenstern
Where do Rosencratz and Guildenstern’s loyalties lie? Gertrude and Claudius, they are being paid to spy on Hamlet.
What does Polonius think is the cause of Hamlet’s madness? Hamlet has gone mad because of his love for Ophelia.
Why is Ophelia upset when she goes to her father? She has just seen Hamlet and he is acting crazy.
What does Hamlet call Polonius? What does it mean? Hamlet calls him a fishmonger which means pimp
Where did Fortinbras’ uncles think the attacks were directed against? Poland
What play does Hamlet ask the actors if they know? The Murder of Gonzago
How did Ophelia describe the appearance of Hamlet when he went to her? She described him as looking “piteous”, pale, and trembling. His clothes were not put on properly and his stockings were by his ankles showing off his legs.
What does Polonius decide to do after Ophelia tells him about Hamlet? Polonius decided to go to the king and tell him what happened with Ophelia and Hamlet.
What news does Voltemand and Cornelius bring from Norway? The brother of Old Fortinbras has managed to control his nephew (Young Fortinbras) and restrain him from invading Denmark.
Who is Priam, Hecuba, and Phyrrus and who do they represent? Hamlets performs a speech when the actors arrive. Priam is the king, Hecuba is the queen, and Phyrrus is the hero. Priam represents Claudius, Hecuba represents Gertrude, and Phyrrus represents Hamlet.
What does Polonius read? Polonius read a letter that was written by Hamlet to Ophelia.
What are the “bad” words in Shakespeare and what are they about? s’blood, s’bread, s’wounds- refers to God
Why does Hamlet want Rosencrantz and Gildenstern to admit that they are lying? he wants to know if they will be loyal to him or not
What is meta drama? bringing reality to a play; getting drawn out of the play
How was Polonius sucking up to the King? by showing everything that he knows that is happening between Ophelia and Hamlet
Why is Ophelia scared about Hamlet being crazy? She thinks it will ruin her future with him and that Hamlet might tell people about their affair.
“Use this bait of falsehood to catch the carp of truth…” Who says this and what does it mean? Lord Polonius and it means to tell lies about my son to find out the truth about him.
What is a dancquer? People from Denmark
What does Hamlet call Lord Polonius? Why? A jephthah which means that Lord Polonius is willing to sacrificing Ophelia, it is an insult

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