Hamlet act 2

What does Polonius ask Reynaldo to do for him? Spy on Laertes
Polonius states in the opening lines of Act 2 “give him this money and these notes, Reynaldo.” Who is the “him” that he is referring to? Laertes
Polonius states “-and there put on him what forgeries you please – marry, none so rank as may dishonor him…” What is he asking Reynaldo to do? Why is he asking him to do this? Spread lies, but not to such an extent as to dishonor himHaving him do this so Reynaldo will get close to people that know Laertes
What sort of false charges may Reynaldo say about Laertes? 1. Gambling2. Drinking3. Fencing4. Swearing5. Quarreling6. Whoring around
How will Reynaldo (and polonius) know that Laertes has been involved in one of these 6 false charges? When you go up to a person and question that stranger about some persons actions and they identify that person by Laertes’ name, then Laertes is committing that act
What does “you bait of falsehood take this carp of truth” mean? He’s going to tell little lies to get the truth
What does “observe his inclination in himself” mean? Go see it for yourself, keep an eye on him
Describe hamlet as he came to Ophelia. (6) 1. His vest was undone2. Wore no hat3. His socks were down by his ankles4. Very pale5. Knees were knocking together 6. So piteous in look that it appeared like he came out of the gates of hell himself
What does polonius decide to do after Ophelia relates hamlets condition? Go tell the king
What does Claudius mean when he says “sith nor th’ exterior nor the inward man / resembles that it was” concerning hamlet? Hamlet is not being himself
Who are Rosencrantz and Guildenstern and why are they brought to the court? Classmates of Hamlet, sent to spy on him
1. Who is the “he” that voltemand speaks of? 2. What does it mean he “grieved that so his sickness, age, impotence was falsely born in hand?” 3. What does he decide to do?4. Finally, what does he decide to give him? 1. King Norway2. He was sad because Fortinbras was taking advantage of his age/bedridden3. He decides to arrest Fortinbras4. Gives Fortinbras 3000 crowns to go attack Poland
What news comes from Norway? Norway wants to attack Poland, go thru Denmark
Who states “more matter with less art” and what does he mean? GertrudeMore explanation, less beating around the bush
What does polonius believe concerning hamlets condition? How did this condition come about (according to polonius)? Hamlet is mad for Ophelia because she’s playing hard to get
How sure is polonius of his knowledge concerning the reason for hamlets madness? He said cut his head off if he’s wrong
What does polonius plan to do to prove to the king that hamlet is in love with Ophelia? Going to let Ophelia see hamlet, spy on them and see what happens
When polonius says “do you know me my lord?” What is hamlets response? “Excellent well. You are a fish dealer!”
When polonius states “not I, my lord” what is hamlets response and what does this tell us concerning polonius? “Then I would you were so honest a man”He knows polonius isn’t honest, he’s sneaky
According to hamlet, what does the sun breed in dead dogs? How does this set up hamlets next pun? MaggotsImplying if Ophelia walks in the sun, she’ll get pregnant
The word conception may be taken two ways (referring to Ophelia), what are they? Pregnant, thought
“What is the matter lord?” Can be taken two ways. What are they? 1. What book are you reading2. What’s wrong with you
How could polonius be as old as hamlet? What is the perverse strange logic that works for hamlets statement? -walked backwards like a crab- it’s crazy logic (crazy, but it makes sense)
When polonius states “my lord I will take my leave of you…” What is hamlets response? You can’t take from me that wouldn’t be better
What does hamlet call fortune? Strumpet
What is a prison to hamlet? Denmark
What do Rosencrantz and Guildenstern believe is the cause of hamlets unhappiness? Bad dreams, ambition
Hamlet entreats Rosencrantz and Guildenstern by 4 things to tell the truth about their arrival at Elsinore. What are they? 1. Bonds of friendship2. We’re all the same age3. By the obligation of love4. By whatever else in the world you hold to be more valuable, the better speaker than I can afford you
Hamlet states “what a piece of work is man…” And then proceeds to describe this mankind. What are the seven great qualities that hamlet gives to man? 1. Noble in reason2. Infinite abilities3. Expressive and admirable 4. He’s angelic in actions5. He’s godlike in his mental powers6. He’s the most beautiful in all the world7. The most perfect of animals in the world
What is forcing the plates to come to the court to perform? Children were performing plays, getting $ and audience Forced adults to take audience anywhere else they could go
How does hamlet describe his madness? I am north northwest, but when the wind blows south I know a hawk from a handsawHe’s crazy when he chooses to be
What does hamlet tell Rosencrantz and Guildenstern as polonius approaches (how does he describe Polonius)? A baby, still not out of diapers
What is the story of Jeptha and who is hamlet comparing him to? From the bible, had to sacrifice the first person he saw when returning home, it was his daughterComparing him to polonius
The story of Dido and Aeneas is also a part of this scene. What is their tragic story? Dido fell in love with Aeneas, had an affair with him. He was forced to go to war, couldn’t return. Dido killed herself, was her funeral smoke that Aeneas saw as he sailed away
Hamlet states “pray god your voice like a piece of incurrent gold, be not cracked within the ring..” Who is hamlet talking to and what is he comparing the voice to? Also, what is he essentially saying to this person? Talking to a young player-When your voice cracks, you go thru puberty, have a deep voice-hope he never grows up, his voice is like gold because it’s feminine, the role he plays, it suits him well, like gold
Who is Pyrrhus and why is he seeking Priam? He is Achilles’ son, seeking Priam for revenge, wants to kill him for killing Achilles
Hamlet begins a speech about Priam and Pyrrhus. The speech is not written in traditional Shakespeare form. Who is Shakespeare imitating and what theatrical group did he belong to? Also what theatre is this person traditionally linked to? -Marlowe-Lord Admirals Men (Marlowes theatrical group)-the rose
What is fortune twice referred to as in this act? Strumpet
“After your death you were better have a bad ____ than their ill ____ while you live.” Epitath / report
“The ____ the thing wherein I’ll catch the _____ of the ____.” Play / conscience / king

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